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First Grader Puts Empathy into Action During Coronavirus Outbreak

First Grader Puts Empathy into Action During Coronavirus Outbreak


Through our Goals and Criteria, Sacred Heart instills in its students a social awareness which impels to action (Goal 3), and practices the building of community as a Christian value (Goal 4). 

During this pandemic and times of great need in our community, the empathy, action and compassion of our girls and their families are shining through. 

As the Coronavirus spread around New Orleans and quantities of face masks dwindled, first-grader Kaitlyn Janusa realized that many of her friends and family members in the medical field might be at risk of contracting the virus.

“Kaitlyn was very concerned about her school friends’ parents, knowing they are in the medical field. She was determined to help them as well as my sister who is a nurse,” said Kaitlyn’s mother Michelle.

“She has been very helpful in picking out the patterns, fabrics, and elastics. She helps iron as well. Kaitlyn colors a card that says “JESUS is with you” and puts it in the sealed bag with each mask.  

Together the Janusa family has dropped off approximately 50 homemade masks, as well as hand sanitizer, to doctors, nurses, PAs, CRNAS and chemo patients in the area. 

Reflecting upon the experience, Michelle adds, “I love that Sacred Heart has taught Kaitlyn to help others and know that Jesus is in charge.  She is thriving in her homeschooling, knowing that God is in control.” 

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