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For Your Health ... Let's Keep Moving from Mrs. Schroth
Leslie Schroth
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Hello Cardinals,

Change in our daily schedules can be quite frustrating. Maybe you have not been able to attend your sports practices, ballet classes, play practice or music lessons.

Parents, maybe you have not been able to attend that spin class, group fitness class, or go for a quick run during lunch.

But let’s remember that it is critical that we all continue to be physically active. We need to keep our bodies strong to help us fight off the risk of contracting, or help recover from, COVID-19.

Exercise will also help us manage the additional stress in our lives at this time.

According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), we should exercise most days of the week, and aim for a total of 20-60 minutes per day.  

Many exercises can be performed in and around your own home.

Perhaps you can keep your muscles challenged by using YouTube videos to do high-intensity Tabata workouts or maybe a dance video.

Pick up gallons of waters for your weights, do lots of planks, sit ups and pushups to keep your core strong.  

Enjoy the spring weather, and if possible, get outside and go for a bike ride, a walk/jog, and end the day with a little yoga and meditation (but keep your personal distance for now).

Let’s take this time to take care of ourselves, eat well, drink lots of water and KEEP MOVING!!!

Before we know it, we’ll be back in the gym, staying fit, playing games, and square dancing with each other.

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