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Helpful Hints for Home from a Learning Specialist
Kristen Bendich, MS Learning Specialist

Helpful Hints for Home from Kristen Bendich, Middle School Learning Specialist

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Greetings parents! Now that everyone has had some time to transition into this new way of learning from home, I wanted to reach out to everyone on behalf of the Learning Specialist in all three divisions.

We know this is new territory, and distance learning can be overwhelming, so we want to offer some suggestions that will hopefully help with this experience.

1. You've heard this numerous times, but routine is key.

This routine may look different for different types of learners in your home, so explore what might work based on your child's learning needs. If your child needs to move while learning, then let them move. 

2. Be flexible with this routine.

It may not have the exact footprint each day, so think about a weekly routine instead. Much like regular school, each day might be a bit different. 

3. Create a "to do" list.

This list should be a handwritten list that you physically check off. It feels great to check things off, and there is a sense of accomplishment when you do.

4. Prioritize!

This might be more helpful for Middle and Upper School students. Their workload is heavier and varies in time and skill, so make sure you are doing what is most important first and make that a part of your " to do" list. 

5. Take breaks as often as you need.

This is important! Everything is happening in the same place. You are living and learning in the same space, so be sure to disconnect the best way you know how.

6. Communicate with your teachers.

This is good for all divisions. If you have questions, ask them. They are an email away, and for Middle and Upper School students, you will have live screen time. Your teachers are ready to help you. 

7. Be creative.

Paint, draw, cook, dance, be silly, and have fun. This is for everyone. Parents too. 

8. Go outside!

Everyone needs some sunshine. While enjoying this beautiful weather, set aside 5 minutes for a reflection or prayer; you'll be amazed at how refreshing a short break can be. This is also a nice time for Espacio.

9. Connect with your friends and classmates.

We know this has to be done remotely, but try to make it a conversation instead of a text. 

10. Connect with your family.

Have you ever had this much family time? Probably not. Maybe keep a journal of this experience. Everyone can take a turn to write about the day. You will read it years later, and hopefully be grateful that you did.

This is a unique time of togetherness, and many of us might want to move off to our own spaces by the end of the day, but try to gather for a family prayer. This is a great way to close out the day and set an intention for the next day.  

Kristen Bendich, Sacred Heart Middle School Learning Specialist

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