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Helpful Hints for Home from Upper School Learning Specialist
Allison Suhren, US Learning Specialist

Helpful Hints for Home from Allison Suhren, Upper School Learning Specialist

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Looking for ways to be more productive while studying at home?

Here are some tips adapted from

Map out your study plan in advance.
Create a study timetable in which you plan when you want to work, for how long, and what you’ll focus on. When you sit down to study, just follow your plan.  

Be aware of your "mental study units."
You have a limited number of working hours in a day. Think of each hour as a "mental study unit." More complex assignments use up more units. Keep these units in mind when creating a study plan.

Identify your roadblocks.
You will be much more productive when you give the study task at hand your full attention. What distracts you? Your phone? Place it in another room. What interruptions cause you to lose focus?  Hunger? Prepare a snack in advance.  

Use breaks to reset.
Set a timer and work solidly for the duration of that time. Stop work when the timer goes off and take a break to recharge.

Preserve your mental space.
Worrying zaps your mental space. Prioritize your study tasks rather than worrying about everything that needs to be done. Use your study plan as your guide, and stick to the plan!

Allison Suhren, Sacred Heart Upper School Learning Specialist

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