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Sacred Heart Celebrates 133rd Prize Day

Sacred Heart Celebrates 133rd Prize Day

virtual prize day 2020

The Academy of the Sacred Heart held its 133rd annual distribution of prizes beyond the gates, in a combination of filmed remarks and in-person delivery of awards. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Sacred Heart recognized the graduating senior Class of 2020, the eighth grade class of 2024 and winners of all scholarships and awards in a filmed ceremony on Friday, May 28. Prizes were awarded to students' homes, and the which were shared on Monday, June 1 after all winners were personally notified.

In keeping with tradition, the graduates of the senior Class of 2020 and eighth grade Class of 2024 were recognized, and students were awarded various prizes and scholarships for character, service, and academic achievement. The 2020 valedictorian Clare Hickham and salutatorian Monet Ménard – were officially announced and recognized for their outstanding academic achievements. Members of the faculty and staff with service milestones were recognized as well.

Following the distribution of prizes, the Class of 2020 salutatorian Monet Ménard filmed remarks to share with the school community. The president of the senior class, Summer Busha, will present the traditional Senior Gift at the graduation ceremony in July.

Headmistress Sr. Melanie Guste, RSCJ, concluded the ceremony with remarks upon the memorable 2019-2020 school year and with congratulations to all award winners and especially to the graduates of the Class of 2020.

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Mater Medal: Elizabeth King '20
Valedictorian: Clare Hickham '20
Salutatorian: Monet Ménard '20
Award for Excellence: Emma Gelé '24

1st Preparatory: Elizabeth Alford
2nd Preparatory: Amelia Stein
3rd Preparatory: Maddie Do
4th Preparatory: Emma Gelé
1st Academic: Lanie DeMarcay
2nd Academic: Olivia Finch
3rd Academic: Caroline Evans
4th Academic: Clare Hickham          

1st Preparatory: Meredith Eddins
2nd Preparatory: Rene Charles
3rd Preparatory: Rosalie Thomas
4th Preparatory: Maria English
1st Academic: Cecile Thomas
2nd Academic: Olivia Boyd
3rd Academic: Katie Paige Gardes
4th Academic: Monet Ménard       

Esther Adams Scholarships: Mary Schmidt ’24 and Isabelle DeGruy ’24

·Established in 1991 by a bequest from the estate of Esther Adams to recognize rising freshmen who demonstrate a commitment to academic achievement, service, leadership, and the Sacred Heart community. 

Kimberly Marie Adams Scholarship: Maria English ’24

·Established in memory of Kimberly Adams, Class of 1992, to recognize a rising freshman who has maintained a GPA of 3.0, who is active in her church and who can clearly articulate why a Sacred Heart education is important to her.

Adams-Kaulakis Scholarship for Global Education: Bella Mendez ’21 and Ricky Bordelon

·Established in 2016 in memory of Marguerite Adams Kaulakis, Class of 1931, by her husband Arnold Kaulakis to acknowledge his deep respect for the quality education provided at the Rosary and to assist students and/or faculty members in a Sacred Heart-sponsored global education experience. 

Dr. Timothy M. Burns Scholarship: Grace Evans ’21 and Rosie Varisco ’28

·Established in June 2014 by Sacred Heart parents and friends to honor Dr. Burns’ tenure as Headmaster of Sacred Heart to recognize a student who possesses integrity, a playful, fun-loving spirit, and a desire to serve others.

Sister Marie Adele Bush, RSCJ Scholarship: Lilly Moreau ’21

·Established in 1990 in memory of Sr. Adele Bush, a Religious of the Sacred Heart and beloved educator at the Rosary, to recognize an Upper School student who is the daughter or granddaughter of an alumna, in good academic standing. 

Centennial Scholarships: Emma Gelé ’24 and Allie Landry ’24

·Established in 1987 by the Board of Trustees in celebration of the school’s Centennial to recognize incoming ninth graders with a strong work ethic in academics.

William and Jean Copeland Scholarship: Reese LaCaze ’24

·Established in memory of Mr. Copeland and in honor of his daughter, Dr. Leslie Copeland, alumna 1991. This one-year scholarship is given to a rising freshman who is a good student and who is committed to the goals and mission of Sacred Heart education.

Golden Cardinal Scholarship: Annaliese Eiffert ’21

·Established by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. McAlear to recognize a student who has faithfully exhibited a deep commitment to Goal III, “a social awareness which impels to action.”

Nancy Stafford Hartson Scholarship: Edie Naquin ’28

·Established in memory of Nancy Stafford Hartson, an alumna of the Class of 1984, is awarded to a Lower School student who is the daughter or granddaughter of an alumna, and reflects Nancy’s personality, her sense of humor and love of life.

Lapeyre Scholarship: Tess Maher ’29

·Established in 1985 by friends and family in memory of Headmistress Odile Lapeyre, RSCJ to recognize a primary student who demonstrates academic merit.

Shelby Ryan Leonhard Scholarship: Destiny Dixon ’24

·Awarded each year in memory of Shelby Leonhard, Academy of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015 to a member of the rising freshman class who demonstrates Shelby’s admirable qualities, an appreciation for Social Studies, a keen interest in current issues, a sense of justice, and an enthusiastic, loving concern for others and the world around her.

Sister Shirley Miller, RSCJ Scholarship: Elaine Marie Ehrensing ’24

·Established to honor Sr. Miller who served as Headmistress of the Rosary for 14 years, this scholarship is given to an incoming 9th grade student who is a close relative of an alumna and who demonstrates leadership, academic excellence, and character in her daily life.

Mothers' Club Scholarship: Ardyn Mascarenhas ’33

·Established in 2019 to recognize a student who embodies the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. Each year, a student from one of the five divisions is selected based on her ability to live out a specified Goal. This year, a Preschool student is being recognized for exemplifying Goal Two, “a deep respect for intellectual values."

Brianna Murphy Scholarship: Daisy Mooney ’23

·Established in 2009 in memory of Brianna Murphy, Class of 2001, by a gift from her parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Murphy and the class of 2001.  The scholarship recognizes a student who has transferred to the Academy of the Sacred Heart as an Upper School student and met the challenges of making new friends with confidence and courage in the words of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Sharon Ellis Murray Scholarship: Emily LeBlanc ’21

·Established in 2007 by friends and family to honor the memory of Sharon Ellis Murray, an alumna of the class of 1991, and awarded annually to a rising senior who embodies Sheri’s spirit of leadership and service at the Rosary and within the community. 

Ana Marie Rapier Scholarship: Shayde Randolph ’26

·Established in 1985 through a gift by Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier in honor of Ana Marie Rapier, to support a scholarship for an outstanding student in grades 7-12. 

A. Louis Read Scholarship: Mykaela Coleman ’21

·Established in honor of Mr. Read, who was a leader in New Orleans as well as the father and grandfather of several alumnae. The scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership while maintaining over a 3.0 GPA

Peggy D. Sarpy ’63, Margaret D. Ramsey ’32, and Marion D. Ramsey Scholarship Fund: Olivia Finch ’22

·Established to honor the memory of a mother and daughter, both alumna of the Sacred Heart and a beloved teacher. The scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement through hard work and determination, and who possesses a deep respect for intellectual values.

Virginia Wilson Voelker Scholarship: May Manning ’21

·Established in 1991 by Mrs. Voelker’s children to honor their mother whose granddaughters have been leaders, athletes, successful students and alumnae.  The scholarship honors a strong student who contributes significantly to the spirit of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. 


This recognition is awarded to third and fourth preparatory and academic students who consistently demonstrate character, integrity and academic excellence.

3rd Preparatory: Katherine Alford & Taylor Robert
4th Preparatory: Holly DeMarcay & Ava McGoey
1st Academic: Laney DeMarcay & Cecile Thomas
2nd Academic: Olivia Boyd & Ashley Ellis
3rd Academic: Caroline Evans & Katie Paige Gardes

Alumnae Essay Award: Caroline Durant
•Awarded by the Rosary Alumnae Association to a graduating senior 

Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Madison Maureau ’21
•Awarded to a student for outstanding achievement in the humanities and social sciences, from the University of Rochester

Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award: May Manning ’21
•Awarded to a junior who exemplifies civic and Christian humanism through their love of country and neighbor, and service to others.  

Mother Soniat Award: Eleanor Sundell ’20
•Awarded to a French student who has demonstrated proficiency in French and a love for the language and culture.

Sociedad Española José Luis Baños Award: Molly Moore ’20
•Awarded to a Spanish student who has demonstrated proficiency in Spanish and love for the language and culture.  

Rensselaer Award: Lilly Moreau ’21
•Awarded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to recognize the academic achievement of a junior student in mathematics and science.

Jill Keiffer Science Award: Clare Hickham ’20
•Awarded to a student whose commitment to science and curiosity reflect what Mrs. Keiffer –an educator for 34 years - inspired in her students.

Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Katie Paige Gardes ’21
•Awarded to a junior who has attained a high scholastic standing and who has demonstrated exceptional interest in science subjects.

Alton Ochsner Future Physician Award: Eva Dreiling ’20
•Awarded to a senior who has excelled in math and science and has the potential qualities of an outstanding physician.  

Ray Grenier Award: Eva Dreiling ’20
•Awarded to recognize outstanding athletic contribution, character, love of sports, leadership, and support of her teammates.

Paul Charbonnet, Sr. Award: Shannon Plough ’20
•Awarded for zeal and devotion in co-curricular activities

1st Preparatory: Lily Tran
2nd Preparatory: Riley Ralston
3rd Preparatory: Isabella Jacobs
4th Preparatory: Katherine Benton
1st Academic: Olivia McGoey
2nd Academic: Hailey Sisung
3rd Academic: Emily Bulloch
4th Academic, Fathers' Club Award for Outstanding Cooperation: Monet Ménard

1st Preparatory: Chloe Shannon
2nd Preparatory: Avery Cheatham
3rd Preparatory: Ana Marie Rapier
4th Preparatory, Sophie Grenier Courtesy Award: Aailyah Oro
1st Academic: Martha Hammett
2nd Academic: Juliette Camenzuli
3rd Academic: Julia Gelé
4th Academic: Tyla Keys

1st Preparatory: Caroline Kenter
2nd Preparatory: Avery Alig
3rd Preparatory: Fiona May          
4th Preparatory, Margaret Brown Service Award: Juliet Boyd
1st Academic: Lucy Vaicius
2nd Academic: Olivia Boyd
3rd Academic: Emily LeBlanc
4th Academic: Sophia Shahlaei
Sister Rita Karam Award for Outstanding Service to the Wider Community: Clare Larson (’20)

5 Years of Service: Jennifer Adams, Gary Alipio, Larissa Bauarschi, Mary Jane Boling, Holly Bordelon, Carrie Brown, Lisa Crow, Martha Falls, Marybelle Bates Fitzsimmons, Amie Gervais, Stacey Milliken and Maria Schneider
15 Years of Service: Barbara Alpaugh, Shirley Charbonnet, Elizabeth Czerniak, Ashley LeBlanc and Jessica Misuraca
20 Years of Service: Alice Atkinson, Julie Boyd and Jennifer Caro
25 Years of Service: Philip Forcier and Laurie Friedrichs
40 Years of Service: Leslie Schroth
45 Years of Service: Peggy Lirette 
Charles D. Grenier Award: this honor will be awarded at a later date. 


Congratulations to all of our graduating students and prize winners!

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