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Filipino-American Artist Bren Bataclan Collaborates with Sacred Heart Students for Palette Art Show

Academy of the Sacred Heart is thrilled to announce the culmination of a week-long collaboration with renowned Boston-based artist Bren Bataclan. The Preschool and Lower School Palette Art Show, showcasing the collaborative efforts of Bataclan and students, was open for viewing on Friday, April 19, 2024, in the Nims Fine Arts Center.

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Throughout the week, Mr. Bataclan, known affectionately as "Mr. B" by the students, engaged with young artists from pre-K through fourth grade. Together, they explored various art techniques and brought their imaginations to life on canvas. The resulting artwork reflects themes of love, peace, respect, and joy, embodying the spirit of creativity and collaboration.

bren bataclan artist visit 24

The final unveiling on Thursday afternoon was met with excitement as students saw their pencil drawings transformed into vibrant, colorful masterpieces. The four canvases, painted by both students and faculty, will be permanently displayed on the Mater Campus for the enjoyment of the Sacred Heart community.

Bren Bataclan, an accomplished artist with a global reach, has dedicated his career to spreading joy through art. His unique mission of giving away paintings in public spaces has touched hearts around the world, with over 3,000 paintings gifted in close to 80 different countries. As part of his 20th-anniversary celebration next year, Bataclan plans to extend his generosity to over 100 countries that have yet to receive his paintings.

bren bataclan artist visit 24

To learn more about Bren Bataclan, visit his website at

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