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ASH Students Volunteer with Take Paws Rescue for Adoption Event
Olivia Boyd, Class of 2022
Take Paws Event

On the morning of Saturday, November 7, the Take Paws Rescue organization hosted an adoption event at the Jefferson Feed store on Veterans Blvd. After working with Take Paws Rescue for some time, I was able to bring the event forward to the Junior Class at Sacred Heart, and the interest it generated among ASH Juniors was incredible! Sacred Heart had several students-- Sloane Paysse ’22, Juliette Camenzuli ’22, Juliet Boyd ’24, Veronica Camenzuli ’22, Cate Martin ’22, Olivia Finch ’22, and myself-- attend and get the dogs exposure by walking them and meeting with potential adopters. Beyond that, the dogs were so happy (and a little tired) following the event back at the rescue, which is definitely a testament to the volunteers’ investment in the happiness and well-being of the dogs they met. The dogs loved it, and I hope that even more people can come out for the next event on November 22!

I had a wonderful time at the Take Paws adoption event. Volunteering with TakePaws at this event and on other occasions has really opened my eyes to the importance of adoption… all are certainly all deserving of loving homes. Next time you are in the market for a new dog, consider adoption. You might just find the perfect furry friend! - Olivia Finch ’22

I loved getting to volunteer at the Take Paws adoption event! Doing this made me realize the importance of adopting and how amazing all of these dogs were. I got to walk this one dog, Buck, around for a good portion of the event, and he was the sweetest, most loving dog ever! He just wanted to make new friends and get pets. This event definitely opened my eyes, and I will definitely be doing more of these! - Cate Martin ’22

I really enjoyed volunteering at the Take Paws adoption event because I got to help dogs find a good home. I walked around and helped dogs and their foster parents. My favorite experience during the event was when one of the dogs, Boudreaux, met some small children and was super gentle and affectionate. I was initially worried because he was a little nervous, but he behaved really well. There were several other dogs, all deserving of a nice home, and I feel so happy that I got to help out. I am really looking forward to volunteering more with Take Paws! -Veronica Camenzuli ’22

The Take Paws adoption event was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. There were so many amazing dogs, and I wanted to take them all home with me. I spent my time with one dog named Boudreaux, and he was so affectionate and deserving of a home. At times he could be afraid of other dogs and was shaking, which was upsetting because I know he must have a traumatizing past. None of the animals deserve to be treated the way they have and being able to help them find forever homes was a gratifying experience. And I highly encourage someone to go adopt Boudreaux! He’s extremely loveable and great with people and kids! -Sloane Paysse ’22

I loved volunteering with Take Paws, and I will definitely do it again! Some dogs I was able to meet were Trevor, Elvis, Wallace, Buck, Roman, Boudreaux, and Vivian. Many of the dogs live with fosters at the moment, so I was able to meet both the dogs and some more volunteers. There is another adoption event on November 22nd, and we welcome you to volunteer with us!  -Juliette Camenzuli ’22

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