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Celebrating the Success of Sacred Hearts 2024 Earth Week

Sacred Heart's 2024 Earth Week was a success thanks to the schools’ commitment to sustainability. This year's focus on enacting tangible change in the neighborhood and providing accessible avenues for waste diversion.

earth week 2024

Faculty members played a pivotal role in Earth Week. They educated and motivated the community to embrace composting and other sustainable practices in their daily lives, through a series of videos that were shared with students, faculty and staff.

The achievements of the week are impressive: 

  • During the 7th-grade neighborhood clean-up, participants removed 300 gallons of litter from streets and parks around Sacred Heart
  • Recycling efforts yielded 105 pounds of cans and a remarkable 2,275 pounds of glass diverted from landfills.
  • One of the standout initiatives of Earth Week was the Compost Challenge, which saw participation from 358 individuals. Together, they diverted a total of 618 pounds of organic waste from landfills.

Special recognition is due to the 41% of faculty and staff who led by example and participated in Earth Week activities, as well as Little Hearts, who achieved an impressive 50% participation rate. Additionally, PreSchool/Lower School diverted 206 pounds of waste.

The success of Earth Week reflects the collective efforts of the entire ASH community. Embracing goal 3, Sacred Heart is committed to educating to a social awareness that impels action. Each individual action, no matter how small, contributes to the broader goal of creating a greener, more sustainable world.

“All members of the school community accept accountability for the care of God’s creation, practice effective stewardship of the earth’s resources and work to alleviate the climate crisis.”

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