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Sacred Heart Supports Hurricane Victims in Honduras Honoring St. Philippine on her Feast Day
4th with carlos sobares

Upon hearing the accounts of the devastation caused by Hurricane Eta, and later Hurricane Iota, in Central America, Sacred Heart families mobilized to support victims with donations.

A key element in a successful relief drive how donations will be transported to the areas where it is needed most. Personnel at Sacred Heart researched options and learned of Sobares Emergency Relief in Kenner from a WWL news story. Jana Fogleman, our Community Outreach and Partnership Coordinator, spoke with the team at Sobares to determine what items were most needed and arranged a timeline for our school to hold an emergency supply drive. 

relief sign

Sacred Heart families responded with their characteristic generosity. Both parents and students were inspired by accounts that described the damage in Honduras to twice as bad as what our community experienced with Hurricane Katrina. 

In addition, our relief drive happened to coincide with the Feast Day of St. Philippine Duchesne, the RSCJ who brought the Sacred Heart mission to America and founded our schools here. Philippine's story is one of empathy, service and compassion, and we could think of no greater way to honor her and teach our students about these values than holding a drive on her feast day to assist those in need. Lining the stage of the Nims Center, where our Mass of St. Philippine took place, were the many donations that were collected by our Mater Campus students, reminding students of modern day ways in which they can embody Philippine's spirit and serve those in need.

"I want to thank all of you for this blessing," said Carlos Bueso from Sobares as he finished loading his truck with the donated goods. "Our kids over there have not been getting food for days because of this situation...I am from Honduras, but I have been here for 35 years and this is my hometown, and to see this generosity is amazing. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

4th with carlos sobares

WWL came to Sacred Heart to see the impact that their story had on our drive and spoke with several Upper and Middle School students; that interview is here>>

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