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A Thankful Constituent's Letter Reaches the Governor's Desk

A Thankful Constituent's Letter Reaches the Governor's Desk

landry's call with governor edwards

On a Monday morning after Mardi Gras break, first grader Landry Flettrich had an important appointment to keep. Governor John Bel Edwards wanted to personally thank her for a card that she mailed him, and he arranged his schedule so that the call could take place during school hours when Landry's class would be available to listen to the call via GoogleMeet.

Several months ago, with the help of her great aunt (who is a retired educator), Landry sent a card thanking the Governor for his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to her thanks, she added a picture of Governor Edwards at the podium, complete with the Louisiana state seal and state flag in the background. According to Governor Edwards, this card reached him at the perfect time. Her appreciation and support gave him a boost when cases were surging after the holidays, and he appreciated her faith (as well as her flattering portrait!). 

During his call with Landry, Governor Edwards thanked her for the gratitude that she expressed to him and sent his best regards to all those at Sacred Heart. In fact, once protocols are lifted, he would love to host the class in Baton Rouge! We look forward to that time and thank Landry's parents for allowing us to be part of this special occasion! Landry is working on her next letter, and we know this girl will change the world!

landry with letter

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