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Be A King by Carole Boston Weatherford

On Wednesday, January 17, the Preschool and Lower School celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. during assembly. One of the third grade classes led a reading of Be A King: Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream and You by Carole Boston Weatherford. 

be a king book by carole weatherford

The book tells everyone that they, too, can "be a King" by doing everyday things such as "marvel[ling] at creation," "admit[ting] that you've done wrong," or "stand[ing] for peace."  

After the reading, everyone was treated to a surprise, special guest visitor when author Carole Boston Weatherford popped in virtually to talk about her inspiration for writing Be a King. Ms. Weatherford encouraged everyone to "be a king" and to have a dream and follow it. Ms. Weatherford is an award-winning author who won a Newbery Honor last year, so everyone was very excited to host this special guest.

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