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Sacred Heart Student and Family Raise Money Through Sidewalk Art Project
cecilia segura

This past spring, ASH student Cecilia Segura, Class of 2031, found a creative way to support a good cause during a time of great need in our local community. Following her passion for spending time outdoors and creating art, Cecilia along with her five-year-old brother Enrique, began drawing chalk rainbows on their neighbors’ sidewalks to bring cheer and hope. 

The idea for Color My Sidewalk followed. Cecilia's family, supported by some friends and neighbors, organized a Facebook page to share their idea and collect requests for rainbow chalk drawings, in exchange for a donation to benefit local nonprofits.

elisa marquez

“I had fun doing the rainbows, I got to see my friends and help the people that work in the hospitals and people that don’t have much food,” said Cecilia. 

“The project provided a fun, colorful way to show support to our local medical heroes and people in need, and along the way it gave my kids a chance to engage and support two good causes,” said Cecilia's mother Elisa Marquez, who teaches in Sacred Heart's Little Hearts early learning program. 

The initial goal was to raise $1,000 to purchase a meal for 100 healthcare provides. Thanks to the amazing support of friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers, in less than a week Cecilia and her brother drew over 40 rainbows and surpassed their goal by collecting $1,240. 

In a short amount of time, Color My Sidewalk raised over $1,500. The money from their sidewalk chalk drawings sponsored 75 lunches and 40 dinners for healthcare workers, via Krewe of Red Beans. The remaining money was donated to the local Second Harvest Food Bank chapter, a community partner of Sacred Heart.

Throughout the Color My Sidewalk project, Cecilia lived out the Sacred Heart goals: from the initial conception of the project and desire to help others (a social awareness that impels to action) to the way that so many people came together to support the project for the benefit of others (the building of community of a Christian value). The project also brought together many members of the ASH community during the stay-at-home mandate.

"Cecilia would get so excited when new requests came in," added Elisa, "especially when they came from a Sacred Heart family."

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