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8th Graders Reflect on the 5 Goals on their North Carolina Class Trip

This past week the Class of 2027 spent a week at Camp Kahdalea in Brevard, North Carolina. The students lived and breathed our 5 Sacred Heart Goals throughout the week. They were resilient, strong, and amazing young ladies.

8th grade north carolina trip 2022

Student Reflection:

Goal 1 ”I was met with goal one, faith in a new and different way. When we prayed in a fun and exciting way before each meal.”

Goal 2 “I encountered Goal 2 when we learned the proper safety protocols for the High Ropes Course and Rock Wall.”

Goal 3  “I saw Goal 3 when our counselor told us to pick up any trash we saw while hiking in order to protect the forest.”

Goal 4 “I definitely encountered goal 4, community building. I learned to support my peers and knew they were supporting me. I also got to know many classmates better and made deeper connections with them. “

Goal 5 “I saw wise freedom when we had free time, and we got to choose what we wanted to do.”

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