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ASH Academic Games places 2nd in Nationals Tournament in Tennessee
Peggy Armstrong, Middle School Math

Each year the Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) invites qualifying students to participate in the AGLOA Nationals competition to test students' mathematical, analytical and interpretative skills. The invitation is based on performance at the local level with students playing four games including Equations, OnSets, Propaganda, and Presidents. 

academic games nationals 2022

For the first time, Sacred Heart had a Middle School Team invited to the AGLOA Nationals tournament with 8th grade students René C, Jane F, Callie L, Cate M, and Amelia S participating at the 4-day event held in Knoxville, TN. 

Our Sacred Heart team competed against 42 teams and over 200 students from across the country and left with awards. The team placed 2nd in Propaganda and 7th in Presidents. In addition, René C and Callie L both received medals in Propaganda finishing in 5th place individually. Overall, the team had a very strong 9th place finish at the national level. 

We congratulate the team on their outstanding academic accomplishments!  

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