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Off to the Races: Sacred Heart's First Pinewood D'ASH!
Peggy Armstrong, Middle School Math

We're off to the races! ❤️❤️  

During a month-long project, Middle School math teacher, Peggy Armstrong, led an exciting project to encourage 1st prep students' interest in Math and Science. Collaborating with our Innovation Lab, Art, and Science departments, Mrs. Armstrong ensured our students learned the skills needed to each build their own Pinewood Derby race car.

pinewood derby racing image

Our students' efforts were put to the test in our first, Pinewood D'ASH (Derby of the Academy of the Sacred Heart) on Nov. 23rd. With the help of Mr. Donald Cannatella and his crew, all of whom are organizers of the Cub Scouts of America's Pinewood Derby, our "Day at the Races" was a huge success. Each student raced in four heats, followed by the top ten fastest cars racing in the second round of four heats to determine the fastest car.

Congratulations go to Evangeline W. '28 for the overall fastest car, with an average scale speed of 204.09 mph. The winner of our Design and Creativity award was awarded to Sophia M. '28. What an exciting day for all!

pinewood derby racing image

Top 10 Finish Times

Place Car #  Racer Average Time
1 36 W. Evangeline 2.6685
2 15 K. Eleanor 2.6764
3 4 D. Lucille 2.6733
4 7 G. Allie 2.6898
5 9 G. Daniella 2.6951
6 18 M. Caroline 2.6955
7 19 M. Molly 2.6976
8 28 S. Sissy 2.7015
9 29 S. Elise 2.7069
10 14 J. Skyler 2.7095

Life Cycle of a Pinewood Derby Car

Each of the girls began this project with a block of wood and a list of rules with car specifications to comply with throughout the design and construction of their individual cars.

Math and Science
Ideation, design, engineering, and assembly, the students applied real-life math and science skills to meet the required specifications and requirements to construct their cars in preparation for Race Day. 

pinewood derby racing image

Innovation Lab:  
Working with Innovation Lab experts, Kitty Mattesky and Leigh Damaré, students were able to take their designs and bring to life their cars using a variety of saw and sanding materials.

pinewood derby racing image

Under the guidance of Middle School art teacher, Frances Rodriguez, students gave personality to each of their cars, while studying Pop-Art and using a variety of techniques, including texture, speckle painting, patterns, and even adding spoilers.

pinewood derby racing image

After meeting with Upper School physics teacher, Robby Harris, students were able to apply physics principles relating to friction, aerodynamics, and mass, to maximize their cars' speed.

pinewood derby racing image



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