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22 Sacred Heart students place in State Literary Rally Finals

Under the leadership of Academy of the Sacred Heart educator Dr. Wil Tyrrell, 22 Sacred Heart students in eighth through twelfth grade recently earned State Literary Rally finalists.

22 state rally finalists 2024

Each year, more than a quarter of a million Louisiana high school students participate in nine District Rallies held throughout the state by the Louisiana High School Rally Association (LHSRA) to promote keen competition and to recognize academic excellence.

This achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication and talent of our students and coaches.

First Place:
Ainsley A. '25: Advanced Math Functions & Stats      
Willow M. '25: Computer Science I                   
Rosalie T. '25: English III                 
Juliet B. '24: Environmental Science                
Isabel M. '24: Fine Arts Survey  
Grace W. '28: French I (Overall State Winner)  
Anabell E. '28: Physical Science              
Teresa V. '27: Spanish II                
Elodie S. '26: Spanish III (Overall State Winner)
Chiara B. '25: Spanish IV                
Collete S. '25: Economics                

Second Place:
Carolina K. '25: Advanced Math Pre-Calculus             
Katherine B. '24: English IV                
Charlotte J. '27: French II            
Jane F. '26: French III  
Evy L. '26: Journalism  
Marley P. '27: World Geography                                       

Third Place:
Lily T. '27: Intro to Computer Business Apps                

Fourth Place:
Arabella L. '27: Biology                                                      
Amelia S. '26: Chemistry
Fifth Place:
Coco C. '27: Business Computer Applications                 
Lilah D. '26: World History           

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