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24 Sacred Hearts students inducted into the National Honor Society

On Friday, March 8, 24 Sacred Hearts students were inducted into the National Honor Society. "I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society ..." Congratulations to the 24 students who were inducted into the ASH chapter of the @national.honor.society today. ❤❤

national honor society inducted members 2024

After students were inducted and recited the National Honor Society Pledge, guest speaker, Stephanie Riegel '84, addressed the community with a talk on her inspiring career in journalism and the impacts of the four pillars of the society: scholarship, service, leadership and character. 

Stephanie Riegel is a veteran journalist in New Orleans with experience in print, TV, radio and public relations. She is a graduate of The Rosary, and of LSU, where she majored in journalism. Over the 30 years of her career, she has worked as reporter and fill-in anchor for WWL-TV; food editor and columnist for The Advocate in Baton Rouge, and as editor of The Baton Rouge Business Report, where she won many national awards for her business writing, feature stories and opinion columns. She also worked as a freelance writer and PR writer for several years. She is currently a business writer at The Times Picayune/, where she covers healthcare, retail, land-use controversies, banking and, yes,  fun things like The Tulane Book Fest and Mardi Gras bling. She also hosts a weekly podcast and radio show called Out to Lunch that airs on WRKF in Baton Rouge. In 2019, she went back to school at UNO part time and in 2022 got a Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. She is passionate about the nonprofit space and has volunteered with many organizations in Baton Rouge and New Orleans over the years. She is also passionate about her three grown children, Allison Woolverton, Michael Woolverton and Allison's twin sister Madeleine Heyob, and especially about Madeleine's baby Catherine Heyob, now at ASH-FIN. 

(Pictured below: all current student National Honors Society members)


all current national honors society members at sacred heart 2024

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