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Academy of the Sacred Heart Honors Class of 2023

The Academy of the Sacred Heart celebrated the 50 members of the Class of 2023 in a graduation ceremony held on Friday, May 26, 2023, in the front courtyard of the St. Charles Avenue school.

Diplomas were presented by Head of School, Micheline Dutil. Remarks and awards were delivered by Upper School Division Head, Julie Boyd.

class of 2023 photo

Lawrence DeMarcay, Board of Trustees Chair, offered closing remarks and congratulated the seniors on being the 136th graduating class from the Academy of the Sacred Heart. A Baccalaureate Mass was celebrated on May 23, 2023, with graduates and their families in the chapel on the Rosary Campus.

The class has a 100% college acceptance rate and have been awarded 103 scholarships, earning $7.7+ million and counting. 

lanie demarcay valedictorian 23

Melanie ‘Lanie’ Hayes DeMarcay is the valedictorian for the Class of 2023 and was awarded Highest Academic Achievement and the James Ragan Humanities Award.

Throughout her 16 years at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, she has been recognized with multiple honors for her impressive academic performance and school & community leadership.

Lanie is a member of the National Honor Society and is a National Merit Semifinalist. She participated in State Literary Rally for Geometry, Pre-Calculus, & Physics, and earned Highest Academic Achievement and Courtesy & Respect Awards. During her time at Sacred Heart she was Assistant Editor of the yearbook, a member of the Honor Council, inaugural member of the Très Bien Society, and a National Honor Society tutor. Outside of the classroom, Lanie has been active in her community, through her volunteer service with the Do That One Thing student branch of the Triumph Over Kid Cancer foundation (where she served as treasurer), and took art classes at Southern Art Society. A competitive equestrian, Lanie gave back to the community helping with Therapeutic Riding for others. Lanie DeMarcay is the daughter of Lorie and Lawrence DeMarcay. She will attend Davidson College.

We asked Lanie, “What would you like to say to your younger Academy of the Sacred Heart sisterhood?” Lanie responded with: “I would advise them to get to know the younger students. Working with students from all different grade levels offers a number of new and different perspectives while also allowing you to form deep and long lasting friendships within the school community.”

cali jane luetkemeier salutatorian 23

Jane Calistoga ‘Cali Jane’ Luetkemeier is the salutatorian for the Class of 2023 and was awarded Academic Excellence and the Paul Charbonnet Sr. Award.

In addition to receiving numerous accolades for academic excellence over her 17 years attending the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Cali Jane has demonstrated strong leadership qualities, a love of athletics, and a desire to serve her community. 

Cali Jane founded and hosted the Hearts for Justice Club centered around education about the justice system and the need for reform and proactive changes in the world. She is a member of the National Honor Society, the Très Bien Society, and Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society. Outside of the classroom, Cali Jane has been active in her community through her volunteer service with Eden House which offers long-term housing and comprehensive recovery services to survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Cali Jane also interned at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal and is a member of the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council, where her team worked on bill SB 207 centered on school shooting prevention and emergency safety methods. She worked with Whole Kids Outreach, a faith-based, nonprofit service organization committed to the unmet health and developmental needs of children, youth, and pregnant women. An avid athlete, Cali Jane excelled on the Varsity Soccer team, Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field team, and Varsity Cross Country team winning All-Academic Composite Girl’s Cross Country and Soccer awards. Cali Jane participated in the exchange program with Sacred Heart school Stuart Country Day School in New Jersey. Cali Jane Luetkemeier is the daughter of Erin and Hans Luetkemeier and will attend University of Virginia.

We asked Cali Jane, “What will you miss about Sacred Heart?” Jane responded with: “I will miss my classmates and the school community. Each Sacred Heart girl is unique and special to me, and I am going to miss every single one of them. Through the hard times, the laughs, and the times we were in trouble, we were always there for one another. I’m going to miss being with my best friends and laughing every single day with them.”

Members of the Class of 2023:

Graduating with highest honors: Melanie DeMarcay, Jane Calistoga Luetkemeier, Allison Langhetée, Anna Watson, Colleen McLeod, Brooke Habetz, Cecile Thomas, Constance Johnson, Claire Vanderbrook, Molly Coman, Lucy Vaicius, Isabelle Moore, Sinclair Nolan, Elizabeth Talbot, Elena Costello, Ellen Hailey, Katherine Kane, Caroline Wise, Emily Bulloch, Aleyea Mogilles, Mariella Congeni, Blakely Warren, Amelie Bent, Martha Hammet, Estelle Brulé, Daisy Mooney, Sofia Rodriguez, Mallory Medo, Ellie Hebert, Elise Hieger, and Isabella Mantilla.

Graduating with high honors: Amelia King, Shelby LaSalle, Ella Frischhertz, Sarah Hook, and Julia Wood.

Graduating with honors: Katherine Hale, Eliza Woodrow, Maeve Macnamara, Paige Ready, and Mary Caroline Mazzanti.

Also graduating: Madeleine Wormuth, Mary Real, Isabella Nunez, Cami Davis, Dakota Campbell, Isabella Bohorquez, Sophia Schuler, Abbey Magruder, and Kailey Hall.

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