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ASH Seniors Prepare for College and Professional Life with Advice from Hancock Whitney


Hancock Whitney econ

Students in our economics class study macroeconomic concepts that will enable them to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions as citizens, employees and leaders, and to one day change the world. Last week, Hancock Whitney Senior Vice Presidents Tim Brennan and Liz Hefler visited the Economics class to provide their perspective as experienced financial professionals; address questions submitted by the class; and shed light on some of the common pitfalls and opportunities that face young professionals. 

Hancock Whitney econ 2

As a result of our focus on financial literacy, economics and global education, each student at Sacred Heart graduates with a firm grasp of the fundamentals of banking, personal finance, investing and economic concepts that will impact their life. In the near term, this foundation may help inform their choice of college, their budgeting for the college years or management of any student loans. Later on, these concepts will serve our students as they consider career choices, or follow an entrepreneurial instinct to launch a business of their own. Regardless of the path chosen, these economic principles will inform their decisions and help them forge a successful path with confidence.

For years, Hancock Whitney has provided expertise and advice to various student projects at Sacred Heart through their mission for supporting learning – providing the right information at the right time. We thank Tim and Liz, both current parents at Sacred Heart, for their encouragement, support and commitment to our students’ success.

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