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Class of 2021 Inducted into Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association
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On March 17, the 60 members of the Class of 2021 were officially inducted in the Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association as well as the national Associated Alumnae & Alumni of the Sacred Heart (AASH) and international alumnae association (AMASC).

Each senior was sponsored by an alumna of the Rosary. The ceremony began with each senior and her sponsor processing into the Nims Center, side by side. Rosary Alumnae Association Board President Sibby Gwin Charbonnet ’01 welcomed all participants, noting how she was particularly grateful to be sharing this milestone with them in-person, as this event represented one of the first large in-person events on the campus during the COVID pandemic.

Sr. Guste shared an opening prayer, welcoming all to a special evening, which marked a threshold moment, a moment of induction as women of the Sacred Heart. She shared her perspective of the living nature of the association, the active bonds that connect Rosary graduates together for life, and also connects them with the international sisterhood of Sacred Heart alumnae. “Some moment and experiences grow for you over your life,” she shared. “My hope for you, seniors, is that the meaning of your Sacred Heart experience will grow... as mine, and as that of your sponsors” and so many other alumnae around the world.  

Sibby Gwin Charbonnet ’01 followed Sr. Guste’s remarks with her own congratulations and explanation of the three gifts that each senior was soon to receive: the International Passport, which identifies alumnae as members of the worldwide Sacred Heart community and allows access to visit any Sacred Heart school; an alumnae pin, which signifies membership to the Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association; and a pair of white gloves to wear during graduation. 

Sibby then shared her own experience as a fourth generation child of the Sacred Heart, a teacher (who taught many of the seniors as first graders), a mother to three current Rosary students, and now as president of the Alumnae Association Board. She recounted the relationships that she formed with teachers, with fellow students who have become lifelong friends, and the foundation of Sacred Heart values that have served her through her life.

Following Sibby’s remarks, Upper School Division Head Julie Boyd called each senior, who processed with her sponsor to receive her three gifts from Sibby, Alumnae Director Megan Barry Kepper ’06 and Sr. Guste.

Alumnae Induction is the first event that the seniors share as a graduating class as they prepare for graduation. It marks the beginning of a new role as alumnae of Sacred Heart that lasts a lifetime. As alumnae, the Class of 2021 joins more than 200,000 members of 150 Sacred Heart schools across the globe, all united by Sacred Heart education and values.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, newest members of the Rosary Alumnae Association.

View Alumnae Induction photos here>>

Watch Alumnae Induction recording here>>

Class of 2021 & Alumnae Sponsors:

Bailey Axelrad / Kellie Axelrad ’96
Josette Beauchat / Alison Redmann ’19
Riley Brennan / Meredith Pinkerton ’90
Elizabeth Brooks / Francie Brooks ’13
Carolyn Burton / Katie Caballero ’03
Madeleine Chapman / Megan Medo ’98
Camille Chimento / isabella mannino ’19
Renee Christina / Jane Heidingsfelder ’95
Mykhala Coleman / Katherine LeBlanc ’98
Isabella Dalton / Ashley Leblanc ’85
Haydee Dennard / Mary Dennard ’80
Sarah Dowd / Shawn Donelon ’87
Karson Dumas / Niki Ben ’89
Sophia Dworak / Julie Comarda ’06
Virginia Edrington / Katye Irwin ’97
Annalise Eiffert / Katherine LeBlanc ’98
Grace Evans / Maria Marks ’87
Caroline Evans / Gwyneth O'Neil ’03
Isabel Evans / Ashley Zito ’92
Mary Fitzpatric / Aimee Fitzpatric ’99
Charlotte Galloway / Asia Jackson ’18
Katie Paige Gardes / Elizabeth Hester ’72
Julia Gele / Taylor Houser ’97
Leah Goody / Lauryn Goody ’19
Rolland Grady / Gail Tranchin ’82
Isabella Guarisco / Betsy Becker ’88
Diane Hailey / Harriet Rouhana ’77
Madison Hales / Kendall Hales ’92
Isabel Hubbard-Rees / Jennifer Gilly ’01
Maggie Hunter / Hartley Crunk ’03
Carly Illanne / Remy Garofalo ’14
Gracie Jenkins / Helen Jenkins ’87
Cassidy Lambert / Marcelle Holmes ’18
Emily LeBlanc / Elizabeth LeBlanc ’91
Audrey Lemann / Rebekah Lemann ’93
Ellianna Letulle / Eugenie Fromherz ’05
Lindsey Magaw / Catherine Connick ’20
Elizabeth Maniscalco / Kellie Axelrad ’96
May Manning / Suzanne Peterson ’95
Madison Maureau / Lisa Crow ’08
Olivia McGoey / Gigi Gallinghouse ’87
Adriana Mehaffie / Elizabeth Ehrensing ’89
Bella Mendez / Meredith Pinkerton ’90
Lilly Moreau / Sarah Moreau ’14
Grace Moriarty / Catherine Lulich ’18
Mary Rose Neumeyer / Heidi Hayne ’16
Caroline Nusloch / Grace Raymond ’20
Nyla Paige / Louise Acomb ’05
Alexis Peters / Madeleine Raymond ’15
Hadley Pinkerton / Allison Hughs ’20
Amelie Seeman / Suzanne Seeman ’63
Gracie Stewart / Ann Heslin ’95
Lydia Strawn / Justine Crooks ’08
Gabriela Thibodaux / Julie Kollenborn ’97
Nia Vagas / Betsy Dienes ’06
Elise Vickery / Laura Vickery ’79
Mary Rose Vojkovich / Hartley Crunk ’03
Brookelynn Watkins / Jordan Kleehammer ’20
Sophia Zollinger / Isabella Elias ’19

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