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Sacred Heart Celebrates its 135th Prize Day

On Friday, May 27, the Academy of the Sacred Heart celebrated its 135th Annual Distribution of Prizes for the Upper & Middle School!

prize day 2022

The following Awards and Scholarships were acknowledged:

The Class of 2022:

Graduating with highest honors: Patricia R. Aucoin, Lillian C. Balart, Devron B. Barreca, Olivia Boyd, Lyden H. Bland, Juliette L. Camenzuli, Veronica E. Camenzuli, Cécile R. Curran, Anna G. Dreiling, Ashley C. Ellis, Olivia H. Finch, Grace R. Gootee, Madeline F. Kessels, Katherine M. Kleehammer, Claire E. Knecht, Sloane A. Paysse, Hailey R. Sisung, Madison E. Stone, Helen C. Thompson, Katherine A. Wise

Graduating with high honors: Catherine R. Bonura, Alice Lane R. Calhoun, Geneviève A. Doucet, Angelica C. Ekenta, Margaret P. Ellis, Susan A. Le Clercq, Catherine C. Martin, Tatiana K. McNutt, Isabella B. Pitt, Camille A. Sewell

Graduating with honors: Izabella Erazo, Fenner E. French, Marian E. Graffagnini, Sophia Y. Nawaz, Kathleen B. Ready, McCall C. Schlosser, Sarah J. Williams

Graduating: Nana Ekua A. Commey, Phylis M. Gagliano, Julianne Q. Good, Elizabeth L. Stouse

Awards for Highest Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence in the Middle and Upper Schools for the Year 2021-2022. 

In the 5th Grade:     
Highest Academic Achievement: Abigail Becker
Academic Excellence: Amelia Berniard    

In the 6th Grade: 
Highest Academic Achievement: Molly O’Sullivan    
Academic Excellence: Therese Hymel

In the 7th Grade: 
Highest Academic Achievement: Elizabeth Alford    
Academic Excellence: Teresa Vinas    

In the 8th Grade:
Highest Academic Achievement: Amelia Stein
Academic Excellence: Rene Charles and Charlotte Johnston        
In the 9th Grade:      
Highest Academic Achievement: Rosalie Thomas
Academic Excellence: Maddie Do and Carolina Khatib

In the 10th Grade:
Highest Academic Achievement: Emma Gele
Academic Excellence: Katherine Benton        

In the 11th Grade:
Highest Academic Achievement: Lanie DeMarcay        
Academic Excellence: Allie Langhetee

In the 12th Grade:
The Salutatorian of the graduating class is the student who has the second highest cumulative grade point average for four years at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, the Rosary. The award is given in honor of Albert H. Stall and is presented to: Ashley Ellis

The Valedictorian of the graduating class is the student with the highest cumulative grade point average for four years at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, the Rosary. This year the award is given to: Olivia Finch

The Award for Excellence is awarded to the Preparatory student who has shown leadership and concern for the school community while maintaining a superior overall academic average for the past four years. This award is presented to: Amelia Stein

The recipient of the Mater medal was selected by the senior class, administration and faculty.  The medal was presented at the Mothers’ Club Presentation of the Class of 2020 to the student who best portrays the virtues of Mater. Olivia Guider and Anjanette Bent, Co-Presidents of the Mothers’ Club, would like to recognize the Mater Medal recipient, Juliette Camenzuli

The Sister Marie Adele Bush, RSCJ Scholarship was established in 1990 in memory of Sr. Adele Bush, a Religious of the Sacred Heart and beloved educator at the Rosary. The scholarship is given each year to an Upper School student who is the daughter or granddaughter of an alumna, in good academic standing. The award is given to: Lucy Vaicius

The Kimberly Marie Adams Scholarship, established in memory of Kimberly Adams, Class of 1992, recognizes a rising freshman who has maintained a GPA of 3.0, who is active in her church and who can clearly articulate why a Sacred Heart education is important to her. Kimberly’s nephew, Christopher, is here to present the award to: Abby Truxillo

The Virginia Wilson Voelker Scholarship was created in 1991 by Mrs. Voelker’s children to honor their mother whose granddaughters have been leaders, athletes and successful students and alumnae.  The scholarship honors a strong student who contributes significantly to the spirit of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. This award is being presented to: Eliza Capella

The A. Louis Read Scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Read, who was a leader in New Orleans as well as the father and grandfather of several  alumnae. The scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership while maintaining over a 3.0 GPA. Mr. Read’s daughter, Susan Read Johnson, class of 1964, is here to present the award to: Aleyea Mogilles

The Golden Cardinal Scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. McAlear to recognize a student who has faithfully exhibited a deep commitment to Goal III, “a social awareness which impels to action.” Melissa Vergona Conner, class of 1995, is here to present the award to: Ava McGoey

The Peggy D. Sarpy ’63, Margaret D. Ramsey ’32, and Marion D. Ramsey Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of a mother and daughter, both alumna of the Sacred Heart and a beloved teacher. The scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement through hard work and determination, and who possesses a deep respect for intellectual values. Peggy’s daughters, Marky Sarpy Aucoin, class of 1989, and Tricia Sarpy are here to present the award to: Katie Lawton

The Sister Shirley Miller, RSCJ Scholarship, which is given to an incoming 9th grade student who is a close relative of an alumna and who demonstrates leadership, academic excellence, and character in her daily life, was established to honor Sr. Miller who served as Headmistress of the Rosary for 14 years.  Sibby Gwin Charbonnet, class of 2001 and Rosary Alumnae Association Board President is here to present the award to: Riley Ralston

The Nancy Stafford Hartson Scholarship, established in memory of Nancy Stafford Hartson, an alumna of the Class of 1984, is awarded to a Lower School student who is the daughter or granddaughter of an alumna, and reflects Nancy’s personality, her sense of humor and love of life. Nancy’s sisters, Connie Hartson Winsberg, class of 1982, and Joanie Hartson Mulkin, class of 1981, are here to present the award to Camille Highsmith

The William and Jean Copeland Scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Copeland and in honor of his daughter, Dr. Leslie Copeland, alumna 1991. This one-year scholarship is given to a rising freshman who is a good student and who is committed to the goals and mission of Sacred Heart education. The scholarship is awarded to: Nadya Macquet 

The Sharon Ellis Murray Scholarship was established in 2007 by friends and family to honor the memory of Sharon Ellis Murray, an alumna of the class of 1991.  The  scholarship is awarded annually to a rising senior who embodies Sheri’s spirit of leadership and service at the Rosary and within the community. Sheri’s sister, Becky Ellis Keller, class of 1997, is here today to present the award to: Libby Talbot

The Ana Marie Rapier Scholarship was established in 1985 through a gift by Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rapier in honor of his mother, Ana Marie Rapier. It is given to a student entering 7th-12th grade that embodies the spirit of Ana Marie who was courageous and resilient in the face of adversity.  Mrs. Kay Rapier is here to present the award to: Sophie Uhlig  

The Dr. Timothy M. Burns Scholarship was established in June 2014 by Sacred Heart parents and friends to honor Dr. Burns’ tenure as Headmaster of Sacred Heart. The recipient embodies St. Madeleine Sophie Barat’s words. “Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.” The scholarship is given to a student who possesses integrity, a playful, fun-loving spirit, and a desire to serve others. Dr. Burns is here to present the award to: Sinclair Nolan, Ellie Habetz, and Victoria Smith

The Esther Adams Scholarships were established in 1991 by a bequest from the estate of Esther Adams. The recipients, two rising freshmen, must demonstrate a commitment to academic achievement, service, leadership, and the Sacred Heart community. This year, the scholarships are presented to Leah Varisco and Avery Alig

The Shelby Ryan Leonhard Scholarship is awarded each year in memory of Shelby Leonhard, Academy of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015. The award is granted to a member of the rising freshman class who demonstrates Shelby’s admirable qualities, an appreciation for Social Studies, a keen interest in current issues, a sense of justice, and an enthusiastic, loving concern for others and the world around her. Shelby’s classmates, Katie Davis and Sarah Normand, are here to present the award to: Evy Lauscha

The Brianna Murphy Scholarship was established in 2009 in memory of Brianna Murphy, Class of 2001, by a gift from her parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Murphy and the class of 2001.  The scholarship recognizes a student who has transferred to the Academy of the Sacred Heart as an Upper School student and met the challenges of making new friends with confidence and courage in the words of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. This year’s recipient is: Chiara Bazan

The Lapeyre Scholarship Fund was established in 1985 by friends and family in memory of Headmistress Odile Lapeyre, RSCJ. This scholarship supports a primary student who demonstrates academic merit. This year’s recipient is: Claire Neill
The Adams-Kaulakis Scholarship for Global Education was established in 2016 in memory of Marguerite Adams Kaulakis, alumna, Class of 1931, by her husband, Arnold Kaulakis, to acknowledge his deep respect for the quality education provided at the Rosary. This scholarship will assist  students and or faculty members in a Sacred Heart sponsored global education experience.  Marguerite’s daughter, Bernadette Settelmeyer, is here to present the award to Anne Seiler and Lulu Centola

The Mothers’ Club Scholarship was established in 2019 to recognize a student who embodies the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education. Each year, a student from one of the five divisions will be selected based on her ability to live out a specified Goal. This year, a Middle School student is being recognized for exemplifying Goal Four, “building community as a Christian Value.” Olivia Guider and Anjanette Bent, Mother’s Club Co-Presidents, are here to present the award to Maddie LeBlanc 

The Centennial Scholarships were established in 1987 by the Board of Trustees in celebration of the school’s Centennial. Up to two partial scholarships are awarded to incoming ninth graders with a strong work ethic in academics. This year’s recipients are Gray Gibbs and Charlotte Johnston

The Leading with the Sacred Heart Scholarship was created by the Society of the Sacred Heart to recognize a member of the community who has led with attributes of Jesus’ Heart during the school year as expressed in faith and reflection, generosity and compassion, patience and forgiveness, stewardship and service, and care for God’s creation. Sr. Maureen Little, RSCJ, is here to present the award to: Audrey Finch

The Heidingsfelder Family Scholarship was established in 2021 by Dr. Charles E. Heidingsfelder and The Charles E. Heidingsfelder, Jr. Foundation, in loving memory of Charles’ wife, Dorothy “Dot” Henican Heidingsfelder (1960) and mother, Mary Babst Heidingsfelder (1931). This scholarship recognizes a student entering Sacred Heart with strong independence and a refreshing sense of humor, who is a friend and cheerleader to all - identifying characteristics of Dot and Mary that were passed down to Dot and Charles’ three daughters Molly Silvia (1985), Ellen Manning (1987) and Jane Heidingsfelder(1995) and granddaughters Ellie Silvia (2016) and May Manning (2021). Dr. Heidingsfelder and Jane Heidingsfelder are here to present the award to Jillian Grau. 

Distinguished Scholars are awarded to 7th and 8th Grade and Upper School students for one year. These students consistently demonstrate character, integrity and academic excellence. Please stand as your name is called. This year, the Distinguished Academic Scholars are: 

In the 7th Grade: Ellie Brennan and Chloe Shannon
In the 8th Grade: Ellie Habetz and Lily Rosenstein
In the 9th Grade: Patricia Seeman and Katherine Alford
In the 10th Grade: Katherine Benton and Ava Arch       
In the 11th Grade: CC Johnson, Cali Jane Luetkemeier and Anna Watson
Très Bien Society

The Très Bien Society was established by Dr. Uwe (Uva) Pontius (Ponteeus) in December 2017. The society honors the legacy of the late Margaret “Marky” Read Pontius, who graduated from the Rosary in 1963. The Très Bien Society recognizes students who exhibit qualities distinctive of a Sacred Heart leader: a student who is guided by her faith, an incisive intellect, a sensitivity to community, and one who leads with grace.

At a ceremony earlier this year we inducted 6 new students to the society: Claire Burton, Aleyea Mogilles, Anna Watson, Kate Cummings, Lilah Deynoodt, and Gisele Saborio


8th Grade, Class of 2026

Avery Diana Alig, Caroline Gerrity Boyd, Caitlin August Brennan, René Elizabeth Charles, Avery Elizabeth Cheatham, Meredith Carolina Cortez, Kate Elizabeth Cummings, Camille Rosalie Borgne Curran, Lilah Mackenzie Deynoodt, Uliana Sergeevna Dolinna, Eileen Perks Dugan, Eleanor Erazo-Pierson, Jane Catherine Farnsworth, Audrey Waggaman Finch, Gray Madelyn Gibbs, Emily McKay Guider, Eleanore Scott Habetz, Caroline Louise Hales, Darby Elizabeth Hayes, Sally Edrington Irwin, Charlotte Frances Johnston, Olivia Sharon Keller, Elise Victoria Khoury, Caroline Ann Kogos, Callie Anne Langhetée, Evelyn Anne Lauscha, Sophie Desiree LiMing Lo, Nadya Yulia Macquet, Vivian Rose Maruri, Lucille Crane Mason, Catherine Allison McCammon, Quinn Marie McConville, Olivia Denis Monsted, Merritt Lucille Ott, Riley Helyn Ralston, Shayde Harmoni Randolph, Vivian Grace Real, Lucia Margaret Rhodes, Lily Grace Rosenstein, Madeline Ann Rudolph, Gisele Sophie Saborio, Elodie Catherine Scafidel, McLaine Claire Schlosser, Christen Jade Scott, Sofia Grace Sercovich, Emmeline Lee Singer, Zoe Lynn Sofranko, Elizabeth Avery Spaulding, Elizabeth Spier Stassi, Amelia Therese Stein, Marguerite Ellen Thibeaux, Abigail Leigh Truxillo, Sofia Kailash Udhrain, Leah Stevens Varisco, Rowan Elizabeth Veith, Adelaide Townes Williams, Elizabeth Donna Yockey 

The Rosary Alumnae Association presents the Alumna Essay Award to McCall Schlosser.

Aleyea Mogilles is receiving the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award from the University of Rochester for outstanding achievement in the humanities and social sciences.

Emma Gele is receiving the Xerox Award for Information Technology from the University of Rochester for strong interest in innovation and information technology and a high level of achievement in this area.

Lillian Balart is receiving the Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award. The award is given to a senior who exemplifies civic and Christian humanism through their love of country and neighbor, and service to others.  

Olivia Finch is receiving the Mother Soniat Award, it is given to a French student who has demonstrated proficiency in French and a love for the language and culture. 

Sloane Paysse is receiving the Sociedad Española José Luis Baños Award. This award is given to a Spanish student who has demonstrated proficiency in Spanish and love for the language and culture. Maria Daly Page, class of 1972 and Honorary Consul to Spain, and Nora Wetzel, Vice President of the Sociedad Española, are here to present the award.  

Isabelle Moore is receiving the  Rensselaer Award. It is awarded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to recognize the academic achievement of a junior student in mathematics and science. 

For 34 years Jill Keiffer taught with untiring devotion, instilling in her students a passion for learning and high regard for all living things. The Upper School would like to recognize a student whose commitment to science and curiosity reflect what Mrs. Keiffer inspired in her students. Katherine Wise is receiving the Jill Keiffer Science Award in memory of Mrs. Jill Keiffer.

Lanie DeMarcay is receiving the Bausch & Lomb Science Award. It is given to a junior who has attained a high scholastic standing and who has demonstrated exceptional interest in science subjects. 

Ashley Ellis is receiving the Alton Ochsner Future Physician Award. This award is given to a student in the senior class who has excelled in math and science and has the potential qualities of an outstanding physician. Renee Hulfeld, class of 1991, current parent, and Ochsner physician, and Shelley Sullivan Tyan, class of 1994 and Senior Vice-President and General Counsel at Ochsner are here to present the award.  

The Ray Grenier Award is for outstanding athletic contribution, character, love of sports, leadership, and support of her teammates. Ray’s niece, Kay Higginbotham, class of 1974, is here to present the award to: Catherine Bonura

The Paul Charbonnet, Sr. Award is for zeal and devotion in co-curricular activities. Paul’s grandson, Hunter Charbonnet, is here to present the award to: Hailey Sisung

Awards for EXCELLENT COOPERATION throughout the school year are awarded to:

5th Grade:  Laine Suhren
6th Grade: Edie Naquin 
7th Grade:  Luisa Nicolosi
8th Grade:  Eileen Dugan
9th Grade:  Maddie Do
10th Grade: Toni Gagliano
11th Grade: Elise Heiger

In the 4th Academic, the Fathers’ Club Award for Outstanding Cooperation is given in the memory of Mr. Al Davison. Mr. Charles Adams, President of the Fathers’ Club, will present the award to: Katherine Wise

Awards for OUTSTANDING COURTESY AND RESPECT for others are given to:
5th Grade: Marais Bordes
6th Grade: Emma Clasen
7th Grade: Charlotte Champagne                
8th Grade, the SOPHIE GRENIER COURTESY AWARD is given to: Caroline Hales

9th Grade: Phoebe Kleehammer
10th Grade: Katherine Benton
11th Grade: Lanie DeMarcay
12th Grade: Genevieve Doucet

Awards for OUTSTANDING SERVICE to the school are awarded to:

5th Grade: Ruark Murphy
6th Grade: Camille Hymel and Sophia Mondino
7th Grade: Olivia Hainkel
8th Grade, the MARGARET BROWN SERVICE AWARD is given to: Sophie Lo

9th Grade: Taylor Robert
10th Grade: Juliet Boyd
11th Grade: Sofia Rodriguez
12th Grade: Claire Knecht

In the Middle School outstanding service to the wider community and in particular service to our visitors from Ukraine is awarded to: Daniella Guarnieri, Darby Hayes, Nadya Macquet

The Sister Rita Karam Award for Outstanding Service to the Wider Community is awarded to: Olivia Boyd  

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools would like to recognize those staff and faculty members who have served at the Rosary for 5 years: Dr. Katherine de Filippis, Sr. Jan Dunn, Shelby Gallup, Rebecca Gaubert, Olivia Guider, Shara Hammet, Mary Jackson, Megan Kepper, Elisa Marquez, Beth Murphy, Jodie Price, Ashlin Reece, Connie Shannon, Michael Thaibinh, Steve Timm, Nicole Wood, Lanie Victory

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools would like to recognize those staff and faculty members who have served at the Rosary for 10 years: Brynn Johnson, Mary Kleefisch and Mindy Louviere

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools would like to recognize those staff and faculty members who have served at the Rosary for 15 years: Sue Daigrepont, Sr. Maureen Little and Bennett Straight

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools would like to recognize those staff and faculty members who have served at the Rosary for 20 years: Emily Giovingo, Jodi McWilliams and Meliss Saltaformaggio

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools would like to recognize those staff and faculty members who have served at the Rosary for 35 years: Katherine Mattesky

The Charles D. Grenier Award, given by the Board of Trustees to the outstanding faculty or staff member 2021-2022, will be presented by Mr. Larry DeMarcay, chairman of the Board of Trustees: Mittie LeCorgne 

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