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Sacred Heart's Upper School Embarks on a Day of Service: Uniting Hearts for a Cause

On December 15th, Sacred Heart's Upper School orchestrated a remarkable Day of Service in conjunction with the school's celebration of Basket Mass.

Upper School service day december 2023

The entire Upper School, comprising 215 students, along with dedicated faculty and staff, participated in a variety of impactful service projects both on and off-campus.

The day saw a harmonious collaboration with local non-profit organizations, each project designed to spread joy and support to those in need. Here are the organizations Sacred Heart partnered with, along with the corresponding activities:

St. Michael’s School:
Activity: Bingo and "Just Dance" Video

Lantern Light:
Activity: Hearty Meals for the Homeless

Activity: Sustainable Throws for Mardi Gras Krewe

Second Harvest Food Bank:
Activity: Food Sorting and Packing

Grace at the Green Light:
Activity: Preparing for the Homeless Clients Christmas Party

Catholic Worker House:
Activity: Prepared lunches for the homeless and delivered them with staff from the Catholic Worker House

Bright School:
Activity: Christmas Craft and playing with preschoolers who are hearing impaired

The Laurel:
Activity: Christmas Caroling and Christmas Craft with residents

DePaul USA:
Activity: Group discussion about housing the homeless, homelessness, and wellness; wrapped presents and made move-in kits

Lambeth House:
Activity: Christmas Caroling and Christmas Craft with residents

Harry Tompson Center:
Activity: 20 girls put together over-the-counter medicine kits, distributed daily to guests; designed and decorated Christmas cards given out throughout the holiday season.

Sacred Heart's commitment to service goes beyond academic excellence, embodying compassion and community values (Goal 3: a social awareness which impels to action).

The success of the Upper School Day of Service, paired with the festive Basket Mass celebration, symbolizes the collective strength and kindness within Sacred Heart. Reflecting on this impactful day, we anticipate a lasting positive impact, nurturing a spirit of generosity and camaraderie that extends far beyond our school community.

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