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Senior Spotlights 2021

The Class of 2021 has achieved many great accomplishments during their years at Sacred Heart. To celebrate our recent graduates, we're spotlighting just a few members of the Class of 2021 who exemplify each of the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.

goal one faith elizabeth brooks


Goal 1: FAITH

Name: Elizabeth Brooks

Years at ASH: 14 years

College: University of Georgia; Pre-Nursing

National Honor Society member; Captain of the Varsity Basketball team; Manager of the Tennis team; Chair of the Junior Fundraising Committee; and Peer Support Leader.

What does Goal 1 mean to you?
Goal 1, "A personal and active faith in God", is something that has been instilled within me ever since the age of four when I first began attending Sacred Heart. To me, it is more than merely having faith in God but also using our faith to actively help others grow a stronger relationship with God. When we establish a strong foundation for our own faith, it in turn allows us to become better people and allows others to recognize our devotion towards leading this life through our words and our actions. Sacred Heart has helped me grow in my faith over time, and it has also inspired me to strengthen my faith even more as I leave these gates and enter into a new chapter of my life.

What do you love about ASH?
Sacred Heart is a very special place, and I love all of the traditions that we partake in from Rally to May Crowning. I love the tight-knit community that is formed between the students and faculty and how I was always able to easily approach my teachers. The sense of family is truly irreplaceable, and I have appreciated every second of my time here.

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss all of the special traditions, my grade, my teachers, and the basketball team. I have been so fortunate to go to a place that has given me my best friends and so many opportunities and memories that I get to cherish forever!

What is your favorite ASH memory?
My favorite Sacred Heart memories would have to be dressing up as Pitbull and marching down St. Charles with my 60 best friends, and going to team dinners after basketball games!

charlotte galloway goal 2 spotlight


Name: Charlotte Galloway

Years at ASH: 16 years

College: University of Virginia; majoring in Civil Engineering

National Merit Commended Scholar; Très Bien Society Member; Executive Board Secretary; Class Secretary for 2 years; National Honor Society Member and Secretary; Peer Support Leader; and Varsity Tennis for 4 years.

What does Goal 2 mean to you?
Goal 2 encourages “a deep respect for intellectual values.” To me, this is best understood as approaching one’s work with honest passion and curiosity. This goal has instilled in me a life-long love of learning as well as the importance of expanding one’s knowledge for the benefit of others. 

What will you miss about ASH?
Having been a Sacred Heart student for the past 16 years, I have grown to love the traditions, spirit, and supportive community created here. Sacred Heart is my second family; it’s where I find myself most comfortable alongside friends and classmates who will continue to be a part of my life forever. 

What is your favorite ASH memory?
I will miss seeing my classmates and teachers every day, eating lunch in the courtyard, partaking in the special ASH traditions, and spending time with the Sed Ducks: the best homeroom in the high school. 

emily leblanc service spotlight


Name: Emily LeBlanc

Years at ASH: 16 years

College: Texas Christian University; I plan to major in Business with a minor in Environmental Sustainability. I want to start my own business one day. 

I was on the Cross Country and Track & Field teams since 7th grade. I received the Chancellor Scholarship at TCU; the Cardinal Award for Track & Field, and Cross Country; the Service Award; and I climbed the tallest mountain in North Africa. I started many businesses throughout my time at Sacred Heart selling hair-ties, bath bombs, lamps made out of recycled water bottles, paintings, and my newest endeavor – wall prints. 

What does Goal 3 mean to you?
Goal 3, "social awareness which impels to action." After entering high school, Goal 3 quickly became implemented in my everyday life. Educating myself and others on current events, struggles faced by people in our community, and social justice issues, is an important part of my life. By starting conversations that promote "a social awareness that impels to action" I can make a greater impact on my community as a whole. As a human and a Catholic, I feel obligated to do my part to make a difference in the world and in people's lives.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
I love my friends and teachers. It's the people that make ASH such a special place for me. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss my friends and teachers the most. 

What is your favorite ASH memory?
I'll miss seeing my friends every day in class and in the halls. I'm going to miss being with my whole grade at masses, awards ceremonies, senior events, and more. 

mykhala coleman community spotlight


Name: Mykhala Coleman

Years at ASH: 4 years

College: I am going to Loyola University New Orleans to get a biological science degree. I wish to become an OBGYN.

I am the first person in Sacred Heart history to win first place at a State Track & Field meet for Shot Put. I was also named to the following teams: All-Region, All-District, District MVP Field, All-State Indoor Track & Field, All-State Outdoor Track & Field, and State Champion for Shot Put.

What does Goal 4 mean to you?
Goal 4 is known as the “building of community as a Christian value.” This goal is continuously accomplished at Sacred Heart. The students, teachers, and staff strive to make a safe environment while creating a strong relationship with each other.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
I love the strong relationships we have with each other, especially the students. When I first attended Sacred Heart I was scared, however, that all changed. I was instantly accepted into the community and was shown nothing but kindness. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss my friends the most. We have spent 4 years together building a strong relationship with each other. Being without them every day will be difficult, but the bond we created will never fade.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
My favorite Sacred Heart memory was Surprise Congé. I haven't been at Sacred Heart long, so I didn’t know all of the traditions yet, but Surprise Congé was a wonderful treat.

carolyn burton growth spotlight

Goal 5: GROWTH

Name: Carolyn Burton

Years at ASH: 9 years

College: LSU and environmental engineering

What does Goal 5 mean to you?
Goal 5, “a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom,” means to me a fostered sense of development in an open community. Sacred Heart offers an open environment to be able to learn not just academically but personally. Our community is what sets us apart as there is always the education that teaches us to strive for personal success and evolution. We can never become what we truly need to be by keeping to ourselves. As each student grows into who they are, our school becomes a stronger community.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
One of my favorite things about Sacred Heart is the open atmosphere. If you are struggling with a class you can always rely on the teachers helping you out. If there is a special occasion you can always count on sharing it with your classmates. Sacred Heart is there for everything you need for support in your life. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will definitely miss my grade as we all leave for college next year. I am so proud to be a part of the class of 2021 and look forward to seeing them all at reunions. Our friendships will always be something to remember as over the years we have grown a special bond. I am going to miss all the traditions such as Rally that really brought us together as a grade. 

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