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Senior Spotlights 2022

The Class of 2022 has achieved many great accomplishments during their years at Sacred Heart. To celebrate our recent graduates, we're spotlighting just a few members of the Class of 2022 who exemplify each of the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.

haley sisung spotlight 2022

Goal 1: FAITH

Name: Hailey Sisung

Years at ASH: 12 years

College: Louisiana State University; math and secondary education

Through my years at Sacred Heart, I have received highest honors every semester. I participated in eight musicals; served as Captain of the Mock Trial Team; worked on Student Council; became a member of the dance team; and joined several other clubs including Quiz Bowl, Yearbook, Retreat team, and Peer Support. 

What does Goal 1 mean to you? “A personal and active faith in God.”
To me, Goal 1 is about creating a meaningful, personal relationship with God, and then using that relationship to do good in your life and in the world. I believe that goal one is not simply about belief in God, but it is about how your belief shapes your heart and your character. My faith has inspired me to work hard in school, to serve in my community, and to be a school leader. As I leave Sacred Heart, I am eternally grateful for the lessons I have learned about my faith, and I feel ready to face the world knowing I will be guided by God. 

What do you love about ASH?
What I love most about Sacred Heart is the community. Going to such a small school has allowed me to build what I know will be life-long relationships with people from my class, as well as with people from other grades who I have participated in extracurriculars with. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will deeply miss the many Sacred Heart traditions such as rally and May crowning. I will also my class, my teachers, the theatre department and the mock trial team. 

katherine wise spotlight 2022


Name: Katherine Wise

Years at ASH: 15 years

College: Belmont University; majoring in film

First Female President of Brother Martin Dionysians (12th); Editor of the Yearbook (12th); Director of Play (12th); State Rally in Business Comp. App. (9th); Third Overall French III in District Rally (10th); Second in State Rally in Civics (12th); Esther Adams Centennial Full-Year Academic Scholarship (8th); and Sharon Ellis Murray Full-Year Academic Scholarship (11th)

What does Goal 2 mean to you?  “A deep respect for intellectual values.”
To me, Goal 2 is one of our most important ideals. Having a deep respect for intellectual values means discovering a true passion in your academics. My time at Sacred Heart has inspired this love of learning that I will take with me into college and beyond. Here, I found my passion for digital media that has inspired me to pursue a career in film!

What do you love about ASH?
One of my favorite things about ASH is the faculty. I think that we have some of the kindest and most caring teachers in the world. Their own creativity and passion for their fields of study has inspired me and my peers to live out Goal 2 in our lives as well!

What will you miss about ASH?
 I will miss all of the people that make Sacred Heart so special: my classmates, friends, and teachers!

ashley ellis spotlight 2022


Name: Ashley Ellis

Years at ASH: 15 years

College: Washington & Lee University; Bioengineering

I was on varsity soccer for 3 years; President of the NOLA Birthday Boxes Club; a member of Student council for 2 years; and I was a National Honor Society member.

What does Goal 3 mean to you?
Goal 3, “a social awareness which impels to action”. Throughout high school, I have come to understand that goal 3 doesn’t only encourage ASH girls to volunteer in their community through food drives and soup kitchens. In addition to these standard yet necessary methods of serving our community, Goal 3 prompts ASH girls to use the skills and interests they have developed to empower those around them. Whether it be through acting, singing, scientific inquiry, painting, sports, or piano, goal 3 teaches that there is always a way to apply your personal interests to the betterment of the community. In doing so, I have learned that a “social awareness which impels to action” can be as simple as striking up conversation with a shy child or can be as bold as starting a nonprofit for something you are passionate about. 

What will you miss about ASH?
The traditions, people (my friends), and spirit of the school.

claire knecht spotlight 2022


Name: Claire Knecht

Years at ASH: 4 1/2 years

College: Union College; majoring in Psychology with a minor in Marketing and Women and Gender studies

4 years on the Dance team, Captain my senior year; danced before moving to New Orleans for 11 years; Mock trial team since sophomore year, and advanced to the state competition, both sophomore and junior year; No Place For Hate committee; Tech for the play my senior year, but somehow ended up onstage in both shows; Homeroom rep my senior year; Peer support for junior and senior year; and Member of the National Honors Society.

What does Goal 4 mean to you? "Building of community as a Christian value."
When I first came to Sacred Heart I was so nervous about fitting in and finding my people but when I walked through those gates those fears were quickly calmed. No matter what time of day or what was going on, everyone would smile to me in the halls or ask how I was doing. The whole Sacred Heart community truly felt and continues to feel like a family and I was welcomed with open arms. All of the Sacred Heart goals are incredibly special but Goal number 4 “The building of community as a Christian value,” sticks out the most and resonates with me because it perfectly describes how I think of Sacred Heart. A community, but also a family. I know that even when I leave the gates for the last time I will always have a family within Sacred Heart that will support me and welcome me back at any moment. 

What do you love about ASH?
Sacred Heart is a special school that not only teaches you how to learn, but it provides girls with a space to be themselves free of judgment. The bonds the students make with teachers and faculty allows them to not be afraid to speak up or make mistakes because they know that in the end everyone is rooting for them to succeed. These are all things I love at Sacred Heart but the one thing I will cherish forever is the community I am now forever apart of. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss the people. I used to think Sacred Heart was formed by traditions, but I have come to learn that Sacred Heart is only Sacred Heart due to the people who make up the school. I will miss all of my teachers and the personal relationships I have made. I will cherish them forever. 

kate ready & laney calhoun spotlight 2022

Goal 5: GROWTH

Name: Kate Ready

Years at ASH: 17 years

College: University of Alabama; majoring in Political Science and minoring in English Literature

What does Goal 5 mean to you? "A personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom."
"A personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom" means the world to me. To be named one of the Seniors who exemplifies this goal is a true honor that I will carry close with me as I progress forward in the coming years. Having been at Sacred Heart my entire life, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by endless amounts of incredible role models and peers. Because of this unique environment that Sacred Heart has provided, I have truly grown to be the most confident and caring version of myself. I would not have grown up in the way that I needed to if it weren't for Sacred Heart and the wonderful community of people that it has.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
What I love the most about Sacred Heart is the community of people. I have met my best friends for life at Sacred Heart and I will forever be grateful.  Sacred Heart also has fantastic role models, whether that be in the form of a coach, a teacher, or any other adult on the staff of Sacred Heart. The teachers and leaders that I have met and been inspired by at Sacred Heart have truly formed me into who I am today. I will miss them a lot, but their impacts on my life will never be forgotten.

What will you miss about ASH?
What I will miss the most about Sacred Heart is the sense of home that it provides for me. I will really miss walking into school and knowing that I can be myself around any person in the school because of the incredibly loving and accepting environment. It is going to be weird not walking into school through the black iron gates next year and I will miss it forever, but I know that Sacred Heart has prepared me in every possible way to be ready for what may come next.

Goal 5: GROWTH

Name: Laney Calhoun

Years at ASH: 16 years

College: Pratt Institute; art and computer science

What does Goal 5 mean to you? "A personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom."
To me, Goal 5 represents how sacred heart creates an environment where I can experiment and make mistakes. I know that I am in an environment where I can learn from these experiences and grow as a person. 

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss the community the most. During my time at sacred heart I have made the greatest friends and my greatest memories at Sacred Heart have been when Ive gotten to hang out with them during school.

I’ve recently graduated NOCCA just before graduating Sacred Heart. I like to experiment with different medias like fabric, paper, acrylic paint, felt, and foam. I also like to include strong colors in my art. I plan to attend Pratt Institute in the fall, and plan to study computer science and visual arts.

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