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Senior Spotlights 2023

The Class of 2023 has achieved many great accomplishments during their years at Sacred Heart. To celebrate our recent graduates, we're spotlighting a few members of the Class of 2023 who exemplify each of the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.

amelie bent goal one

Goal 1: FAITH

Name: Amelie Bent

Years at ASH: I have been part of the Sacred Heart community for 8 years, since I joined my class in 2015 for 5th grade. 

College: In the fall I will attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and will major in Architecture.

What does Goal 1 mean to you? “A personal and active faith in God.”
Goal One illustrates the responsibility of myself, as a Sacred Heart student, to live in a way that honors God in my interactions and intentions towards myself and others. The first goal not only guides students along the path of religion but also highlights the importance of morality and virtue in conjunction with faith from all religious backgrounds. My class has done a great deal in demonstrating the deeper meaning of goal one to me through the multifaceted reality that this ideal can hold in one’s life.

What do you love about ASH?
Some of the things I love most about Sacred Heart is the close knit community that it offered me to be a part of each day, and I look forward to reuniting with my class at reunions and being a part of the life events they will celebrate.

What will you miss about ASH?
What I will miss most at school is the deeply rooted traditions and historic areas on campus that I was able to enjoy from day to day. These elements were integrated into the curriculum. I will miss starting my days in the beautiful chapel that offered serenity and a safe space.

Throughout High School, I have consistently earned highest honors and have enjoyed my time making an impact through being an active member of various clubs offered on campus. I participated in three musicals and played the roles of Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, Peter Pan, and Brigitta VonTrapp in The Sound of Music. I am a retreat team and Peer Support leader and one of the founding members of our Hearts for Life club. In my church parish, I am the President of my CYO. 

anna watson goal 2


Name: Anna Watson

Years at ASH: 16 years

College: Northwestern University to study journalism.

What does Goal 2 mean to you?  “A deep respect for intellectual values.”
To me, Goal 2 is one of our most important ideals. Having a deep respect for intellectual values means discovering a true passion in your academics. My time at Sacred Heart has inspired this love of learning that I will take with me into college and beyond. Here, I found my passion for digital media that has inspired me to pursue a career in film!

What do you love about ASH?
I love the connection I have with my classmates.

What will you miss about ASH?
I will miss sitting in Mr. Harris's room, trying to understand physics. 

Cali Jane Luetkemeier goal 3


Name: Cali Jane Luetkemeier

Years at ASH: 17 years

College: University of Virginia

What does Goal 3 mean to you? “A social awareness which impels to action.”
Goal 3 means going above and beyond to help your community. From the very beginning, Sacred Heart girls are taught to “help those in need.” When we see something wrong in the world, we are called to action. I learned that Goal 3 goes beyond just participating in school drives and doing the required community service hours. Goal 3 means using your passions to help the vulnerable members of our society while also learning from those experiences. In every service opportunity I’ve participated in, I’ve been able to help people while learning so much along the way. Being able to understand people and their experiences drives me to enact change in our world. Goal 3 has taught me to follow my passions in pursuit of a better world, and I believe that every Sacred Heart girl has the power to do the same. Even changes that seem small are big in many people’s lives.

What do you love about ASH?
I love and cherish the traditions of Sacred Heart, which make the community so special to me.

What will you miss about ASH?
Most of all, I will miss my classmates and the school community. Each Sacred Heart girl is so unique and special to me, and I am going to miss every single one of them. Through the hard times, the laughs, and the times we were in trouble, we were always there for one another. I’m going to miss being with my best friends and laughing every single day with them.

During my time at Sacred Heart, I competed on the Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track and Field, and Varsity soccer teams. I also created a club, called Hearts for Justice, with a classmate to educate our school community on juvenile justice topics. I was an intern volunteer at Eden House and interned at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal. I’m also a member of the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council, where we created a bill (SB 207) centered on school shooting prevention and emergency safety methods. 

Cami davis class of 23


Name: Cami Davis

Years at ASH: 8 years

College: Belhaven University, I plan on majoring in Political Science. (Participating in collegiate Volleyball).

What does Goal 4 mean to you? "Building of community as a Christian value."
To me, Goal 4 means stepping outside your comfort zone and reaching out to the others around you. My time at Sacred Heart has taught me to that you never know who you could be friends with until you make the effort to get to know them. Throughout the day, I am constantly greeted by my peers and faculty which instantly brightens my day and overall has made my experience at Sacred Heart so much more memorable. ASH has taught me it is much more than a school, it is a place where girls learn to become their best selves and find their voice in our society. Goal 4 has truly helped me embody sense of community throughout my everyday endeavors.

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
My favorite memory has been bonding with not only my grade, but with all the other grades as well. I have learned so many things from the girls around me and they encouraged me to do my best in everything.  

3 years of Varsity Volleyball & 4 years of Varsity Basketball; 2020 State Champion(11) - Volleyball; First Team All- District (11,12) - Basketball; Second Team All- District (11, 12), Clarion Herald Volleyball Team 2023 - Volleyball, Basketball (10); Rookie of the year Basketball (10) and Volleyball (10); Basketball Team Captain (12); Excellent Coperation Award (11); Covenant House Student Ambassador (12); Pelican State Volleyball Club (10,11,12); Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club Debutant (12).

Lucy vaicius goal five

Goal 5: GROWTH

Name: Lucy Vaicius

Years at ASH: 17 years

College: Louisiana State University

What does Goal 5 mean to you? "A personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom."
To me, Goal 5 is a way in which students at Sacred Heart are given a unique way to learn. It inspires me and other students to seek a balance between physical and mental health, hard work and fun. Through the support of the loving ASH community, I have been encouraged to make decisions based on what I feel is right, and to learn from my mistakes. Through practicing Goal 5, ASH students are given the opportunity to grow as independent, mature young women.Goal 5 is an excellent way in which Sacred Heart prepares students for their future, showing them how to make wise choices for the rest of their lives.

What do you love about Sacred Heart?
I love Sacred Heart’s very special community.I feel so grateful to have formed genuine, life-long friendships with all 49 of my classmates, and even with girls who are not in the class of 2023. The community of Sacred Heart has also given me the chance to personally know each of my teachers over the years, which is something that is so valuable to me.

What will you miss about ASH?
I think I will miss the traditions of Sacred Heart. Traditions like May Crowning, Cache-Cache, and Mater’s Feast have become events that I look forward to each year. I will also miss all of my classmates and teachers, as well as walking in through the front gates every day with my dad! 

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