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This Girl Changes the World: Water or Plastic Documentary
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Sacred Heart students have completed a documentary on microplastics – their origin and their impact in Louisiana – as part of GreenShorts Louisiana, an environmental film competition. GreenShorts began in Los Angeles at UCLA's Institute of Environment and Sustainability, and through a partnership with the LSU College of the Coast and Environment, Louisiana high school students were invited to participate.

Watch the video to see the completed product of our Sacred Heart students >

Project Summary:

Single-use plastics have become a huge part of our lives. However, these plastics very often end up in our waterways, release chemicals, and break down into microplastics. You might not be able to see them, but microplastics are in our water. Although trash heaps are easier to spot in waterways, microplastics – pieces of plastic smaller than several millimeters – have started to be found even in human tissue.

The plastic pieces release caustic chemicals that make their way through the food chain, ending up on our dinner plates. Students of the Academy of the Sacred Heart wanted to help explain how this is becoming a big problem in the Bayou State and what we can do to fix this.

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