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SHCOG Visiting Team confirms ASH's commitment to the Sacred Heart Goals
SHCOG Visiting Team confirms ASH's commitment to the Sacred Heart Goals

From November 8-11, the Sacred Heart community in New Orleans welcomed the SHCOG Visiting Team, comprised of representatives from other Sacred Heart Network schools, as the culmination of a year-long self-study process of how the Rosary lives out the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. As required by the Society of the Sacred Heart, each Sacred Heart school goes through this process in a five-year cycle. The process is overseen by the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG).

Mrs. Shelia Haggas, Chair of the SHCOG Visiting Team, spoke of the visit as an opportunity to "hold up a mirror" to the school to truly see who we are and how we live out the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. After careful review of the document prepared by the Rosary's Self-Study Committee, the SHCOG Visiting Committee came to New Orleans to tour the school's campus and to engage in open conversations with various constituency groups, including students, faculty, administrators, parents and alumnae.

On the final day of the visit, Mrs. Haggas shared the SHCOG Visiting Team's Reflection with the school community during an all-school assembly. "We are happy to report to the Provincial and her Team that the Academy of the Sacred Heart community is deeply committed to authentically living the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart," Mrs. Haggas said in her opening remarks. She went on to highlight the specific ways in which the school community lives out each Goal and offered the Team's Recommendations. The Rosary will develop these recommendations with the creation of an Action Plan to further the school's forward-moving progress. Based on the school's Self-Study and the Visiting Team's Reflection, the Provincial Team of the Society of the Sacred Heart will send a written response and their own reflections on Sacred Heart education by March 1st.

"A major milestone of our year is completed," reflects Headmistress Sr. Melanie Guste, RSCJ. "We have taken an important step forward on our path this year – one that effectively seals us as a Sacred Heart community for the next five years."

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