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Class of 2019 inducted into Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association
Class of 2019 inducted into Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association

On February 20, the 51 members of the Class of 2019 were officially inducted into the Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association, which is part of the national Associated Alumnae & Alumni of the Sacred Heart (AASH) and international alumnae association (AMASC). Each senior was sponsored by an alumna of the Rosary to welcome her into the association; sponsor class years ranged from 1955 all the way to 2018. Seniors, sponsors, families, and friends gathered in the chapel to celebrate the occasion with a Liturgy as a reminder that the Sacred Heart community is first and foremost joined through the heart of Christ.

Following Mass, Upper School Division Head Julie Boyd, Alumnae Board President Beth Talbot Dienes '79, Director of Alumnae Megan Barry Kepper '06, Alumnae Board Treasurer Michele Pollingue Reed '79, and Alumnae Board member Megan Medo '98 presented each senior with three keepsakes: the International Passport, which identifies alumnae as members of the worldwide Sacred Heart community and allows access to visit the original painting of Mater Admirabilis at Trinità dei Monti in Italy; an alumnae medal, which signifies membership to the Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association; and a pair of white gloves to wear during graduation. Beth Talbot Dienes '79 then presented this year's Alumnae Essay Award to Amelia Huddell '19, who shared her essay with the congregation.

Alumnae Induction is the first event that the seniors share as a graduating class as they prepare for graduation. It marks the beginning of a new role as alumnae of Sacred Heart that lasts a lifetime. As alumnae, the Class of 2019 joins more than 200,000 members of 150 Sacred Heart schools across the globe, all united by Sacred Heart education and values.

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Class of 2019 & Alumnae Sponsors:

Camila Arias / Nicole Washington Ben '89
Cecilia Balart / Aline Andry Walshe '65
Kaylah Broussard / Helen Whiteman Charbonnet '59
Katie Burvant / Alysse Burvant '15
Emily Celano / Haley Lightfoot '14
Addie Champlin / Stephanie Kancher Newell '87
Marguerite Christman / Joanie Walet Hartson '55
Bella Ciaccio / Sadie Taylor '18
Elizabeth Coman / Kristin Roux Coman '90
CeCe Cook / Sibby Gwin Charbonnet '01
Margeaux Delesdernier / Elise Garvey '18
Isabella Elias / Arthine Vicks Powers '78
Kate Ellis / Kelly Cowan Ellis '86
Meghan Farnsworth / Lisa Rice Farnsworth '88
Zoe Faulkner / Jennifer Lacey Chauvin '99
Eva Fenasci / Katy Fenasci '17
Taylor Franks / Stephanie Franks '87
Arianna Hannum / Lilly Suthon '16
Anna Hardie / Jennifer Fontenot Zurik '88
Abbey Hebert / Eleanor McAuliffe '07
Amelia Huddell / Erin Donelon Alford '90
Abby Hufft / Susan Lavis Hufft '82
Madeline Kling / Noelle Raymond '12
Alyssa Langlois / Gabrielle Langlois '17
Mary Kate Luetkemeier / Erin Bell Luetkemeier '90
Isabella Mannino / Michelle Tucei Mannino '88
Annaliese Mayer / Ninette Alsop Edmiston '68
Annie McDougal / Maria Martinez McDougal '79
Emma McFadden / Ashley Melius Zito '92
Chase McLanahan / Deborah Fox McLanahan '88
Gigi McLeod / Colleen Eustis McLeod '88
Gabriella Mehaffie / Caroline Martin '18
Mary Nusloch / Elizabeth Diaz LeBlanc '91
Eugenie Philipson / Courtney Johnson LeClercq '87
Grace Raymond / Madeleine Raymond '15
Ali Redmann / Ashley Nolan '87
Addie Roemershauser / Mimi Schafer Odem '87
Claire Royster / Katherine Sins LeBlanc '98
Josie Seghers / unable to attend
Julia Smith / Helen Read Young '88
Margaret Stahl / Stafford Winsberg '14
Celeste Stewart / Christine Guillory '00
Gianna Tregre / Kayla Thomas '18
Kirsten Tufaro / Kaylee Tufaro '17
Avery Unger / Catherine Lulich '18
Cosette Waguespack / Christine Carriere Zazulak '86
Merisse waguespack / Jennifer Lane Gilly '01
Lane Whitsell / Brittany Whitsell '09
Wagner Williams / Helen Schmidt Jenkins '87
Olivia Wood / Janetanne Lemarie Mears '65
Sophia Yarborough / Katye Edrington Irwin '97