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Golf wins state for the first time in school history
Golf wins state for the first time in school history

On April 28, the Sacred Heart golf team traveled to Broussard to compete in the State Championships. With an undefeated season thus far, the pressure was on for these young athletes to bring home a state championship title.

The first tee time was set for 8:30 a.m. the next morning, and the course looked to be in good condition. The Cardinals warmed up and prepared themselves for 18 holes of play. All three athletes were off the first tee box by 9:30 and were playing very well until the wind started to affect their play. Because the wind was blowing in all different directions, club selection was very difficult. The Cardinals started to struggle out on the course and did not shoot their best rounds.

After play was concluded, the Cardinals checked out all the scores and realized they were in second place. They were only three shots out of first place, and third place was only five shots behind them. Coach Jenny Caro told her team that no one remembers who was first after the first day and that it is so much fun to chase people down and to put the pressure on them.

The Cardinals decided to wear red the next day and prepare themselves for the fight. Caro told them to stay in their bubble and take one shot at a time. Cassidy Lambert '21 was the first to tee off for the Cardinals. She started off hot and at one time was even par, setting the tone for the rest of the team. The Cardinals knew every shot was important, and they needed their first golfer to come in with a low score.

Grace Jin '22 was second off the tee. She also started off hot, and after looking at the scores, the Cardinals were closing the gap. Jin struggled on holes six and seven, so Caro ran back to walk with her. Jin calmed herself down and began to trust her swing. She finished the day with the lowest score for the back nine out of every competitor on the course.

Ava McGoey '24, playing in her first match, was the last Cardinal to tee off. McGoey was having difficulties with her driver, but she just kept grinding. She made some big putts and came through for the team.

After all three competitors were in, the Cardinals knew they were in first place but had to wait until all golfers were in. Once the course was cleared, the scorekeeper put first place on the Sacred Heart scoring sheet, and the Cardinals realized they were the Division II State Champions for the first time in school history! Not only did they win their division, but they also beat everyone in the larger division. Sacred Heart could now claim they were the best team in the state. Last year, Caro promised the team that if they ever won the state championship, she would jump in the lake on the golf course. She was true to her word, and immediately after the trophy presentation, she took her socks and shoes off and jumped in. It was an amazing feeling that she never wants to forget.