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Sacred Heart holds 132nd annual Prize Day
Sacred Heart holds 132nd annual Prize Day

Sacred Heart held its 132nd annual distribution of prizes on May 31 at the Nims Fine Arts Center. Members of the graduating senior Class of 2019 and eighth grade Class of 2023 were recognized, and students were awarded various prizes and scholarships for character, service, and academic achievement. Several faculty and staff members were recognized as well for their years of service, and Neal Kling, Board of Trustees Chair, announced Greg Brown as the 2019 recipient of the Charles D. Grenier Award.

Following the distribution of prizes, the Class of 2019 salutatorian Isabella Mannino addressed the gathering. Senior Class President Lane Whitsell then presented the traditional Senior Gift - a donation to restore and enhance the Mater Campus Chapel. To close out the ceremony, Headmistress Sr. Melanie Guste, RSCJ, offered some thoughtful remarks.

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Mater Medal: Mary Nusloch '19
Valedictorian: Zoe Faulkner '19
Salutatorian: Isabella Mannino '19
Award for Excellence: Isabelle Moore '23

1st Preparatory: René Charles
2nd Preparatory: Rosalie Thomas
3rd Preparatory: Emma Gelé
4th Preparatory: Cecile Thomas
1st Academic: Olivia Finch
2nd Academic: Caroline Evans
3rd Academic: Clare Hickham
4th Academic: Zoe Faulkner

1st Preparatory: Charlotte Johnston
2nd Preparatory: Katherine Alford
3rd Preparatory: Ava Arch
4th Preparatory: Lanie DeMarcay
1st Academic: Ashley Ellis
2nd Academic: Katie Paige Gardes
3rd Academic: Monet Ménard
4th Academic: Isabella Mannino

Esther Adams Scholarships:
Claire Burton '23 & Cecile Thomas '23
Kimberly Marie Adams Scholarship: Amelie Bent '23
Adams-Kaulakis Scholarship for Global Education: Andrea Bohorquez '20 & Bradlee Gross '25
Dr. Timothy M. Burns Scholarship: Allie Gernard '28
Sister Marie Adele Bush, RSCJ Scholarship: Ella Ott '20
Centennial Scholarships: Emily Bulloch '23 & Lucy Vaicius '23
William and Jean Copeland Scholarship: Katherine Kane '23
Golden Cardinal Scholarship: Emily LeBlanc '21
Nancy Stafford Hartson Scholarship: Teresa Vinas '27
Lapeyre Scholarship: Anabell Emerson '28
Shelby Ryan Leonhard Scholarship: Aleyea Mogilles '23
Sister Shirley Miller, RSCJ Scholarship: CC Johnson '23
Mothers' Club Scholarship: Tatum Jones '33
Brianna Murphy Scholarship: Fenner French '22
Sharon Ellis Murray Scholarship: Eva Dreiling '20
Ana Marie Rapier Scholarship: Annalise Eiffert '21
A. Louis Read Scholarship: Nyla Paige '21
Peggy D. Sarpy '63 and Margaret D. Ramsey '32 Scholarship: Caroline Evans '21
Virginia Wilson Voelker Scholarship: Lilly Moreau '21

3rd Preparatory: Eliza Capella & Holly DeMarcay
4th Preparatory: Brooke Habetz & Allie Langhetée
1st Academic: Olivia Boyd & Ashley Ellis
2nd Academic: Katie Paige Gardes & Olivia McGoey
3rd Academic: Caroline Casey & Catherine Grace Connick

Alumnae Essay Award: Amelia Huddell '19
Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Wesley Warren '20
Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award: Shannon Plough '20
Mother Soniat Award: Alyssa Langlois '19
Sociedad Espñnola José Luis Baños Award: Gabriella Mehaffie '19
Rensselaer Award: Monet Ménard '20
Jill Keiffer Science Award: Julia Smith '19
Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Clare Hickham '20
Alton Ochsner Future Physician Award: Amelia Huddell '19
Ray Grenier Award: Madeline Kling '19
Paul Charbonnet, Sr. Award: Alyssa Langlois '19

1st Preparatory: Eileen Dugan
2nd Preparatory: Marin Major
3rd Preparatory: Mary Schmidt
4th Preparatory: Eliza Woodrow
1st Academic: Katie Kleehammer
2nd Academic: Annalise Eiffert
3rd Academic: Monet Ménard
4th Academic, Fathers' Club Award for Outstanding Cooperation: Isabella Mannino

1st Preparatory: Sofia Sercovich
2nd Preparatory: Claire Moriarty
3rd Preparatory: Carolina Mehaffie
4th Preparatory, Sophie Grenier Courtesy Award: Mallory Medo
1st Academic: Juliette Camenzuli
2nd Academic: Olivia McGoey
3rd Academic: Wesley Warren
4th Academic: Madeline Kling

1st Preparatory: Sophia Gomez
2nd Preparatory: Taylor Robert
3rd Preparatory: Mia Dreiling
4th Preparatory, Margaret Brown Service Award: Ellie Hebert
1st Academic: Olivia Finch
2nd Academic: Emily LeBlanc
3rd Academic: Sophia Shahlaei
4th Academic: Anna Hardie
Sister Rita Karam Award for Outstanding Service to the Wider Community: Alyssa Langlois '19

5 Years of Service: Taylor Ambrose, Mary Margaret Budzius, Molly Cowley, Jana Fogleman, Nicole Janz, Erin Lawless, Allison McCammon, Ashley Nolan, Donald Oliver, Melissa Provenzno & Suzanne Revelle
10 Years of Service: Eryn Melancon & Marcia Pastorek
15 Years of Service: Flossie Bourg
25 Years of Service: Julie DesRoches & Ann Hartman
35 Years of Service: Janice Foulks
Charles D. Grenier Award: Greg Brown