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Senior Spotlights 2019
Senior Spotlights 2019

The Class of 2019 has achieved many great accomplishments during their years at Sacred Heart. To celebrate our recent graduates, we're spotlighting just a few members of the Class of 2019 who exemplify each of the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.


Name: Meghan Farnsworth

Years at ASH: 15 years

College: The Catholic University of America

Major: Psychology with a minor in Theology

Activities: Saint Catherine's CYO, Teen Cross, Pulse Pro-Life Leadership Team, Campus Ministry Club, Eucharistic Minister, -Peer Support, PJs at ASH

What does Goal 1 mean to you?

"A personal and active faith in God."  My faith is a crucial  part of my life.  I base everything in my life around my faith.  Because of this, Goal One is extraordinarily important to me and how I live my life.  It is about deepening your relationship with God, who should be the number one figure in our lives.  It is about loving yourself and everything around you including the people and the rest of God's creations.  It is about learning how to love and to be loved.  Having "a personal and active faith in God" is something I will be taking with me to college and throughout the rest of my life, and I hope you will too.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
My favorite part of Sacred Heart is easily the community.  The people that I surrounded myself with at Sacred Heart included my 50 sisters, the faculty and staff, and the rest of the student body.  These people mean everything to me.  I will miss them all dearly.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
My favorite memory from Sacred Heart was difficult to choose.  There are just so many memories.  Besides the obvious of the last two weeks of school leading up to graduation, I am grateful for the opportunity that Sacred Heart gave me to go on exchange.  I went to Australia the summer going into my junior year for about a month, and I loved immersing myself into a different culture and meeting Sacred Heart student from a new country and making friendship that will last a lifetime.


Name: Zoe Faulkner

Years at ASH: 4

College: Villanova University

Major: Engineering

Activities: New Orleans Ballet Theatre, Quiz Bowl, Track & Field, National Honor Society, Honor Council, Mu Alpha Theta, Eucharistic Minister, Musician at Mass, Vienna Exchange, ASH Service Trips, Model UN, Dance Club, Foreign Cultures Club, Dance Club

What does Goal 2 mean to you?
Goal 2, "a deep respect for intellectual values," emphasizes the importance of being willing to accept new thoughts and ideas. It reminds us to remain curious and to think creatively, always thinking from a variety of angles. Goal 2 has always encouraged me to challenge myself in my studies and never settle for less than what I am capable of. 

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
I love the fact that we are all family. When I walk around the school, people always ask me how my day is going or how I am feeling. I am going to miss the support and love that this community never fails to give. 

What is your favorite ASH memory?
My favorite ASH memory is Rally. Every year, we always come up with a very unique theme, struggle to make a dance, but we all join together to make gorgeous decorations and have fun and bond as a grade.


Name: Alyssa Langlois

Years at ASH: 6

College: The University of Mississippi's Croft Institute and Lott Leadership Institute 

Major: International Studies and Public Policy Leadership

Activities: Theater, Quiz Bowl, Best Buddies, National Honor Society, Model UN, Yearbook, Mock Trial

What does Goal 3 mean to you?
Goal 3, "a social awareness which impels to action," means so much more than doing service. It means that we recognize a problem facing our community, either as whole or certain members, and we work to fix this problem. This goal has become such a big part of my life thanks to ASH, and I carry it in my heart every day. When I was on my college search, service opportunities influenced my decisions. When I asked my sister's advice on whether or not I should rush, she mentioned that I would have to do service and that it would be a big time commitment, and for me, that was a positive factor. Lastly, it has completely influenced my career choice. I want to be a politician to help those who need it through lawmaking. I see things around me and on the news that I believe need to be handled differently, and I want to serve others as a politician and make change. I will continue to live out Goal 3 for the rest of my life, remembering its Sacred Heart roots. 

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
I have attended other schools before, so I can say with confidence that the bond that I have formed with my class is unmatched. Never have I been to a place where we say "good morning" to each of our classmates as they arrive at school. We use the word "sisters" a lot at ASH, but these girls have truly become my family, my 50 sisters, and to think that we are going to be spread so far apart next year makes me miss them even when we are together. I love each and every one of them.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
100% Best Buddies. I've attended almost every meeting since I was a freshman and planned them all since I was a junior. Once a month in Best Buddies, we go to St. Michael's Special School and do different activities with the students there. I looked forward to it always and was so upset when I had my last meeting recently. I loved everything about that club and the people in it: painting pumpkins, playing games in gym, eating snacks, and even just standing up and announcing the date of the next session at assembly ("so Best Buddies is on Thursday..."). Best Buddies is an international organization, so I plan to continue my participation through and beyond college, but I will never forget the bonds I've made with the St. Michael's students (and our Sacred Heart Best Buddies) right here in New Orleans. 


Name: Lane Whitsell

Years at ASH: 6

College: Louisiana State University

Major: Business

Activities: Freshmen and Senior Class President, Junior Class Representative, JV Volleyball, Peer Support, Campus Ministry, Rally Chair, ASH PJ's, Whole Kids Outreach, Best Buddies, Miracle League, Retreat Leader, Eucharistic Minister, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Relay for Life

What does Goal 4 mean to you?
Goal 4, "the building of community as a Christian value," has been the center of my time at Sacred Heart. Goal 4 is about supporting everyone regardless of age, background, and any other factors. The Sacred Heart community is one that will love you unconditionally and will help you at any given moment. Everyone is always welcoming at Sacred Heart even if you have been here for life or just a few years. We are a family. 

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
I love the bond that the Sacred Heart community has with one another. Sacred Heart is like a second home to many. Even though I came in seventh grade, the first day with my classmates felt like we were longtime friends. I would not trade my experience at Sacred Heart with anything else. The laughter and the singing coming out of the student lounge is something I will miss dearly. My teachers and classmates are the people who have made me the person I am today. I cannot thank them enough for the unconditional love I have received from my time at Sacred Heart. It is not a goodbye, just see you later. 

What is your favorite ASH memory?
It is hard to choose just one favorite memory at Sacred Heart. If I had to choose just one, it would be our senior year Rally. This day was a day we had all been waiting for, and each was so excited to show everyone how we finally got it together our last year. However, our music cut off twice, and instead of giving up, our grade pushed through it and gave it our all the second go around. This moment was such a bonding moment filled with laughter and tears. Thinking about this time in our lives is a moment I will cherish forever. 


Name: Madeline Kling

Years at ASH: 15

College: University of Notre Dame

Major: Pre-Professional Studies

Activities: Student Council Class Secretary, Honor Council, National Honor Society Vice President, Peer Support, National Spanish Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Indoor Track & Field, Varsity Outdoor Track & Field, St. Dominic CYO Vice President, Eucharistic Minister, Nicaragua Mission Trip, Sacred Heart Exchange Program, Ballet, Outdoors Club, Community Service Club

What does Goal 5 mean to you?
I view Goal 5, "a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom," as a great way to learn from different experiences. Through this goal, Sacred Heart gives its students the chance to be independent and grow as individuals in a safe atmosphere where they can learn from both their successes and their failures. Sacred Heart students are encouraged to make the right choices, and they are strongly influenced by the supportive community that surrounds them. With this freedom, students learn the importance of independence, and this helps students make wise choices after they leave the community of Sacred Heart.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
What I love most about Sacred Heart is the sense of community within the school. Throughout my fifteen years, I have noticed its importance within grades, divisions, and the entire school community. This community is built through various activities, such as school Masses, division-wide events, and grade retreats. This strong community is what I will miss the most about ASH. Still, I know that as far as our grade of 51 girls go, we will always carry Sacred Heart in our hearts and be a part of such a special community.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
My favorite Sacred Heart memory is Rally. Each year, our grade collaborates to create a theme, costumes, decorations, music, and most importantly, a dance. We unite and grow closer as a grade to perform the best that we can with the hope of winning an award as we recognize the unique gifts of each other. However, the bond that Rally creates is much more important than the awards. I like this tradition because it truly showcases the unbreakable connection of our class and the larger community of the entire Upper School.