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Senior Spotlights 2018
Posted 06/04/2018 09:05AM

The Class of 2018 has achieved many great accomplishments during their years at Sacred Heart. To celebrate our recent graduates, we're spotlighting just a few members of the Class of 2018 who exemplify each of the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.


Name: Helen Charbonnet
Years at ASH: 15
College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: Computer Science and Business
Activities: Varsity Swim Team, National Honor Society Secretary/Treasurer, Honor Council, Science Olympiad, Mu Alpha Theta, Campus Ministry, Eucharistic Minister, Pro-Life Club, Whole Kids Outreach, Shelby Work Club, Best Buddies, and various other service projects.

What does Goal 1 mean to you?
Goal 1, a personal and active faith in God, has been at the forefront of my years here at Sacred Heart. Goal 1 is about deepening your relationship with God and with others. For me, this means learning more about yourself so that you can further develop your relationship with God and then help others do the same. Goal 1 is about living out your faith life each and every day, whether that is through small acts of kindness or something as big as a service project. It is about living a life that reflects Jesus, doing what He would do, and loving as He loves. Goal 1 is about living your life as a child of the Sacred Heart.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
I love the sense of community and family here at Sacred Heart. I love the close relationship all the students have with each other and with their teachers. Sacred Heart is a place where learning, growth, and development take place both inside and outside of the classroom, and I love that about Sacred Heart. I will miss seeing all 65 of my sisters every single morning.

What is your favorite memory at ASH?
One of my favorite memories at Sacred Heart is Mater's Feast because it holds such a special place in my heart. Seeing one of my own Sacred Heart sisters up on stage representing Mary this year was a highlight of my senior year. It was crazy seeing how much we had all grown since the days we were wearing smocked dresses, which only feels like yesterday.


Name: Alexandra Chimento
Years at ASH: 15
College: Boston College
Major: Undecided on pre-med track
Activities: Cheerleading, Varsity Soccer Captain, Chicago Fire Soccer, Chile and Austria Exchanges, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Spanish Honor Society, Eucharistic Minister, Hearts in Homes Co-Founder, Surgeon Shadow and Volunteer at Ochsner, Miracle League Volunteer, ASH Service Trips , Student Council Executive Board Secretary

What does Goal 2 mean to you?
Goal 2 is about approaching learning with interest and a desire to know more. It is also about challenging oneself and figuring out different ways to overcome those challenges. These things make Goal 2 important to me because I have always loved gaining new knowledge and pushing myself to reach my full potential academically.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss most about ASH?
I love the community at ASH and throughout the Sacred Heart Network. I have met and connected with people around the world through Sacred Heart, and that is extremely special to me. At ASH specifically, each person is caring and welcoming. I know that I can go to anyone with whatever I need because everyone is willing to help. I will miss the comfort I feel at ASH because of this community.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
I have too many amazing memories from Sacred Heart to narrow it down to just one. Whether it be laughing with my friends at lunch or dancing in the senior lounge, ASH has given me countless memories that I will always treasure.


Name: Isabelle McGoey
Years at ASH: 14 - since prek!
College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: Business
Activities: National Honor Society President, Chilean Exchange Program, Peer Support, Co-Founder of Hearts in Homes, Best Buddies, Honor Council, Miracle League, Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Soccer Team Manager, Eucharistic Minister, Business Internship, Rebuild NOLA, Mu Alpha Theta, October Rebuild

What does Goal 3 mean to you?
Goal 3–a social awareness which impels to action—is not just about service. It also calls us to seek out and learn about problems that occur within our own communities. God calls us to be good neighbors, who listen to and sympathize with one another, and Goal 3 encourages us to take that awareness and kindness and turn it into action. It challenges us to recognize injustices and issues in the world and to do our part in eradicating them by spreading God's love.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss most about ASH?
The best thing about ASH is the community it creates. There is a Sacred Heart family not only at the Rosary but also all around the world in every Network school. ASH gave me the opportunity to learn about and meet people from different backgrounds, and I will forever be grateful for that.

I will miss everything about ASH, but I will miss my grade the most. I cannot imagine not seeing my 65 sisters every day next year. We have been through it all together, and they have made my past 14 years at Sacred Heart impossible to forget. I know that even though we are graduating and leaving each other, we will always be ASH girls at heart.

What is your favorite ASH memory?
There are so many great memories I have made at ASH, but there is one that I will cherish forever: freshman year Rally. Our theme was terrible, our dance was a disaster, our decorations were falling apart, and we were destroyed in dodgeball. We went home with zero trophies that year, but it encouraged us to come back the next year and blow everyone away as the "610 Sophomores."


Name: Katie Grace Walshe
Years at ASH: 15. I am a very proud lifer!
College: Loyola University Chicago
Major: History or Political Science
Activities: Student Council Representative, Senior Class President, Peer Support, Hearts in Homes, Theater, Upper School Choir

What does Goal 4 mean to you?
To me, Goal 4 is the never-ending support and love of the people around you. Regardless of age, background, or other factors, everyone in the Sacred Heart community is always there for anyone in our community who needs it, unconditionally. Goal 4 is also what compels us to send out our spirit into the rest of the world. No matter how long you attended or where you go after, you will always be a Child of the Sacred Heart, and Goal 4 is the special bond that holds all of us together. Goal 4 is that little light that goes off inside all of us when we hear someone talk about Sacred Heart. It is the chill you get when you meet another Sacred Heart student, whether they are much younger or from a totally different state or even country, and you realize they were also raised on the five Goals and share many traditions with you, like Mater's Feast, even though you might have been raised completely differently.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss most about ASH?
My favorite thing about ASH is definitely the people and the relationships you form with everyone. I love that it's a very tight-knit community, and everyone is really close. I will miss how Sacred Heart is a family. We may fight and get annoyed with each other, but at the end of the day, we would do anything to protect each other. I will miss practically everything, but I will especially miss the people and not getting to see so many familiar faces every day. I'll also really miss all my teachers and obviously my 65 best friends in the whole world!!

What is your favorite ASH memory?
This year, the high school put on a Jazz Fest celebration. Of course, the seniors found water guns, and soon it was just a full out water fight and really epic dance party. It was just the epitome of why I love Sacred Heart since the entire high school, including teachers, was just enjoying each other's company and having a great time. I don't think I've ever genuinely smiled for so long in my life. I also absolutely adore Rally because I love how the grades bond, and I also love dancing.


Name: Haley Hubert
Years at ASH: 15
College: Sewanee: The University of the South
Major: Graphic Design
Activities: Varsity Outdoor Track & Field, Varsity Indoor Track & Field, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Basketball, Spirit Leader, Youth Run NOLA, Environmental Club Leader, Relay for Life Leader, Card Club Leader

What does Goal 5 mean to you?
"Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom" is a phrase that I have lived by throughout my years as a Sacred Heart student. I stand by the idea that the presence of freedom is what truly helps people to rise to the occasion in any situation and ultimately grow through experience. Sacred Heart has given me the tools to make the correct decision when given a choice between right and wrong, and they have put my peers and me to the test by giving us free time and instilling the Honor Code. I believe Goal 5 is one of the most important because it has to do with hands-on or real-life situations.

What do you love about ASH? What will you miss about ASH?
I love the people and the traditions that bring us together. Sacred Heart is deeply rooted in tradition, and it is the main reason my parents sent me here so many years ago. It helps us, as current students, feel like part of a legacy, and the traditions themselves fuel a feeling or somewhat of a need to keep that legacy alive. I will miss the people most, however. The friendships I have made in my years as an ASH student through my grade and through my teams are some of the strongest bonds that I could make. I will deeply miss the girls with whom I work on and off the track when I leave.

What is your favorite memory at ASH?
My favorite memory is goûter. Goûter is a beautiful tradition that ends almost every Mass or large gathering. Many people say that people are connected through food, and goûter definitely proves that point.

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