A Catholic, independent, college-prep school for girls, ages 1 – 12th grade.

Mothers' Club Events & Volunteers

The Mothers' Club hosts a variety of fun and fundraising events while also providing volunteer support throughout the school year. To volunteer for any of these activities please email the following chairs:

Arts League

This volunteer group of parents assists the music, fine arts and drama departments for each division of the school. We publish a regular "Arts from the Heart" e-newsletter with information provided by parents in our ASH community.

Arts from the Heart Editions

Karen Zollinger, dancerbeck@bellsouth.net

Blood Drive

2017 Shelby Leonhard Memorial Blood Drive

Courtesy Ochsner Blood Bank
Wednesday, February 15
7am - 5pm
Mater Campus Chapel
4301 St. Charles Ave. (enter from Carondelet St.)

Are you eligible to donate?
>>Click for blood drive flyer

Janette Kalifeh, jckalifeh@cox.net

Jennifer Kavanaugh, jrkavanaugh@yahoo.com

Liz Manthey, lmanthey@ashrosary.org

Book Fair

This week long book fair is one of the biggest Mothers' Club fundraisers of the year.

Join your daughter on:
Monday, March 13 – Thursday, March 17
8am - 4pm

Karen Dufour, karendufour8@gmail.com

Christmas Décor

Get in the Christmas spirit and join this committee to help beautify the campuses for the holidays.

Mater Campus:

Katie Germanese, kgermanese@yahoo.com
Caroline Wendt, cww710@gmail.com

Rosary Campus:

Erin Luetkemeier, erinlu@cox.net
Meredith Pinkerton, mwpink@yahoo.com

City Park Fun Night

This spring fundraiser brings the school community together for a night of fun at City Park.

Ariane Brennan, ariane1004@gmail.com

Faculty Appreciation

These moms coordinate monthly food donations for faculty appreciation.

Pre/Lower School:
Ouida Guider, oguider@gmail.com
Adele Raston, amralston@gmail.com

Middle School:
Lisa Arrington, lisaschully@cox.net
Nicole Stone, nstone67@yahoo.com

Upper School:
Andrée Batt, andreebatt@bellsouth.net
Shirley Charbonnet, mtcharbo@bellsouth.net

Family Liturgy

Help coordinate hospitality following family liturgies.

Middle School:
Stephanie Schott, stephaniebschott@gmail.com

Upper School:
Jennifer Hardie, hardiehome@cox.net
Machelle Payne, machellepayne@aol.com

Graduation Flowers Graduation Reception

Anne Guillot, abguillot@gmail.com
Denise Galloway, gallowayhome@gmail.com

Heart Care

This committee helps find fun and interesting holiday camps around town during school holidays for those that need to make arrangements for their kids when school is out.

Terri Von Hoven, tm.vonhoven@gmail.com

Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts is a service that offers assistance to Sacred Hearts' immediate family members (not extended – i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) who are affected by some sort of challenge and need our support.

Depending on the needs of the family, Helping Hearts is available to prepare meals, run errands, make hospital visits, send a card, help with carpool, offer prayers, etc. Most of all, Helping Hearts is sensitive to privacy needs and all assistance and matters concerning the family will remain confidential.

Helping Hearts will never approach any potential family in need. It is our policy to act only if contacted directly by the family and that family specifically requests the committee’s assistance.

Please contact Colleen McLeod if you know of a family in need, if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer to help.

Colleen McLeod,
504.338.8634 | mcleodcolleen@yahoo.com


Takes care of hospitality for the mothers' club meetings.

Wendy deBen, wendy.macquet@gmail.com

Library Helpers

This committee helps the librarians on a weekly basis to keep up with re-shelving books and other duties.

Mater Campus:
Beth Brennan, egb1967@gmail.com

Lunch Moms

Wanna help serve lunch in the dining hall of the Mater Campus? The girls get a kick out of seeing mom serve it up.

Julia England, julia@roirecruiter.com

Mater Award

Kelly Ellis, kellis408@gmail.com
Catherine Sewell, catfsewell@yahoo.com

New Parents’ Reception

Coordinates with the admission office and organizes a meet and greet reception in the Rosary Courtyard in May for new parents that just received their acceptances.

Shara Hammet, shammet@aol.com

Adrienne Screen, adriennescreen@gmail.com

Parents’ Nights

Pre/Lower School:
Kelley Gill, kelleygill@gmail.com
Brittany Stumpf, bjoswald@gmail.com

Middle School:
Natalie Landry, nplandry@hotmail.com

Upper School:
Susan Viator, sviator904@aol.com

Senior Mother/Daughter Luncheon

Coordinates Mater Award luncheon in May.

Nicole Waguespack, dwaguespack2@cox.net
Jonte Warren, scout427@aol.com

Tennis Tournament

Are you a tennis fanatic? Come help out at the annual tennis tournament.

Lorie DeMarcay, lrdemarcay@cox.net
Stephanie Moore, cmoore839@mac.com

Textbook Resale

Are you organized and do you like helping people find a bargain? Help organize textbook donations at the end of the year and coordinate the resale of textbooks at the beginning of the next school year.

Laura Brooks, lbrooks18@att.net
Allie Pierson, alliepierson@yahoo.com

Want to be a Mothers' Club Volunteer?

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