A Catholic, independent, college-prep school for girls, ages 1 – 12th grade.


Our Prek students wanted to welcome Jenna Bush Hunger on the Today Show in her first week and help her with saying the states in alphabetical order ... (watch the ASH clip at 2:00 in).

About Preschool:
Recently voted "Best Nursery/Preschool in New Orleans" in Gambit's Best of New Orleans poll, our Preschool program nurtures the innate sense of wonder each girl has about herself and her world – a gift from God. Throughout Preschool, we guide her in a loving, Christian atmosphere, rooted in our mission and in tune with her abilities and potential. Our developmental curriculum emphasizes the joy of discovery and enables her to develop a positive self-concept, a love of learning and essential readiness skills.

Encouraging creativity is a priority. Children take part in self-directed play as well as supervised lessons and activities that facilitate motivated, meaningful learning. Using a variety of educational methods, we provide learning centers where each girl is free to explore individual interests, exercise initiative, take risks, cultivate peer relationships, and develop resourcefulness and responsibility. We enhance language development with language arts lessons, storytelling, dramatic role playing, and sharing and recording personal experiences. And we promote problem solving and complement math readiness activities and science with blocks, games, and puzzles.

Proper placement in the earliest years is important for school success. Teachers and administrators carefully monitor each girl’s progress and communicate regularly with parents.

The Academy of the Sacred Heart Plus program offers after school care from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.

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Rosary Campus
4521 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans LA 70115
(504) 891-1943 | Fax (504) 891-9939
Mater Campus
4301 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans LA 70115
(504) 269-1230 | Fax (504) 896-7899
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