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Mothers' Club hosts sold-out tennis tournament
Posted 04/11/2019 10:00AM

More than 50 teams participated in the annual Academy of the Sacred Heart Mothers' Club Tennis Tournament on April 10 at City Park/Pepsi Tennis Center. Co-chaired by Helen Jenkins and Ellen Manning and sponsored by Tulane Health System, the sold-out event was a spirited day of community and competition.

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Congratulations to the 2019 ASH Mothers' Club Tennis Tournament winners:

ASH Red (2.5)
1st - Lanie Victory and Jenny Caro
2nd - Celeste Mikes and Heather Knight

ASH White (2.5)
1st - Harriet Landrieu and Ashley Boisfontaine
2nd - Joy Grace and Sherri O'Bell

Cardinal Red (3.0)
1st - Sarah LaCour and Laura Johnson
2nd - Elizabeth Goodyear and Raelynn Loop

Cardinal White (3.0)
1st - Jessica Barnett and Lizzie Randol
2nd - Kelley Gill and Neely Griffith

Double Hearts Red (3.0)
1st - Marlowe Maylin and Amanda Winsted
2nd -  Margaret Roux and Olivia Graugnard

Double Hearts White (3.0)
1st - Shannon Johnston and Chrissy Wilson
2nd - Olivia Ventol and Betsey Todd

Junior Varsity Red (3.5)
1st - Sami Dantin and Kristin Danflouse
2nd - Amy Chouest and Catherine Bellaire

Junior Varsity White (3.5)
1st - Georgette Venn and Becky Caracci
2nd - Nina English and Ani Kinyon

Junior Varsity Cardinals (3.5)
1st - Holly Gordon and Jeanne DeLaureal
2nd - Debbie McLanahan and Lana Whitlow

Varsity (4.0)
1st - Adele Ralston and Stephanie Moore
2nd - Carrie Dunbar and Kendall Winingder

Varsity (4.5)
1st - Ann Melius and Pam Smallpage

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