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Lenten Reflection: Week 5
Posted 03/14/2016 01:16PM

You are on the path..... Living with Uncertainty

During this fifth week of Lent, we are invited to practice extravagant generosity, generosity in giving and in receiving, in forgiving and in being forgiven. It is a time of living with paradox and uncertainty or living in the here and the there, the now and the then. We are invited by God to spend some time pondering and maybe even questioning our journey while keeping faith, a time to reflect on the emerging dimensions of our lives that are prompted by unexpected events, people and places and to discover God's extravagant generosity throughout our journey.

We are nearing the home stretch, but we are not there yet. This week, the scripture readings are filled with drama. It is a time for each of us to examine the patterns in our lives and to realign our priorities. It is a time in which our hearts are being renewed through our prayer and lived experience of God's reconciling love and gift of healing.

This week, the daily liturgies begin with the raising of Lazarus. As the week begins, you will discover the powerful story of the accusation against Susanna. It is followed by the account of a healing image lifted up in the desert and ends with Ezekiel's vision of the restoration of a nation and God's promise of a new and everlasting covenant.

Each story from the old testament is further illuminated by a gospel from John. We begin to learn of the paradox of the cross. We learn of the freedom/liberation Jesus has come to bring through a new and everlasting covenant. We are invited into the opposition rising against Jesus with the realization that it is all for us and it is especially "for me."

For full Scripture readings, please visit http://livingspace.sacredspace.ie/l1052r/

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