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Lower School students are "At the Heart of It"
Posted 05/18/2017 04:28PM

For their last class in Group Guidance (GG), fourth graders were tasked with writing one memory they would keep in their heart from their classes at the Mater Campus. Each student worked on her own to design her heart and note her thoughts.

Below is a listing of those memories from the girls and a photoboard of their Hearts. The board will be at their closing ceremony and then each student may take her heart as she leaves the Mater Campus.

At the Heart of It ~~ Group Guidance
What I will take in My Heart from the Mater Campus

Be a friend to all by being kind to one another.

Be a friend to all.

Be a good friend.

Be kind and polite.

Be kind to all.

Help those in need! Give food to the poor. Do what I know is right.

Stay close to my family.

I can pay more attention in class. I can help a friend get up when they have fallen.

I learned how to build a community.

I learned how to use facial expressions and body language.

I learned that you can use your expression to show how you feel, and

that people care more about you than you know.

I learned to express myself.

I want to remember group effort and building a community.

I will always be a good friend.

I will always help others!

I will always help people who fall.

I will always remember going to play group and learning to take turns.

I will always remember going to play group and using teamwork.

I will always remember my awesome teachers that I had.

I will always remember that I always have someone to talk to.

I will always remember the teachers who taught me and

I will remember the building itself.

I will always remember to make wise choices.

I will always share.

I will be kind to others by helping others when they need me.

I will be sure to build a better bond with people I don't know.

I will bring the memories of my friends.

I will do things with different people.

I will remember all of the teachers I had.

I will remember all the sweet teachers. I hope when I get to come on this

campus I can visit all of them.

I will remember everyone's ideas are ok. I will also remember not to get into a

zone that's not right.

I will remember my manners and to follow directions,

I will remember the good times I had with Mrs. Teacher. I will remember all of the songs we sang. The most important memory I will keep holding onto is Mrs. Teacher.

I will remember to always study and learn.

I will remember to make wise choices always telling the truth.

I will take all that I've learned to the upper campus.

I'm going to bring memories.

I've learned that at schools of the A.S.H. that care and love for

one another is a priority.

Love as you love by treating others as you would want to be treated.

Love as you love.

Make wise choices every day. Help people in need of your help.

Mrs. Counselor taught us how to make friends.

I learned to be a friend to all. I also learned to include everyone in a game.

To always go to a grown-up if you need help.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

To make wise choices.

Tone of voice.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

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