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Sacred Heart holds 131st annual Prize Day
Posted 06/01/2018 04:47PM

Sacred Heart held its 131st annual distribution of prizes on June 1 at the Nims Fine Arts Center. Members of the graduating senior Class of 2018 and eighth grade Class of 2022 were recognized, and students in grades 5-12 were awarded various prizes and scholarships for character, service, and academic achievement. Several faculty and staff members were recognized as well for their years of service, and Neal Kling, Board of Trustees Chair, announced Sewall Vallette as the 2018 recipient of the Charles D. Grenier Award.

Following the distribution of prizes, the Class of 2018 salutatorian Lily Conroy addressed the gathering. Senior Class President Katie Grace Walshe then presented the traditional Senior Gift - a donation for improvements of facilities at Sacred Heart. To close out the ceremony, Headmistress Sr. Melanie Guste, RSCJ, offered some thoughtful remarks.

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Mater Medal: Lucy Galloway '18
Valedictorian: Claire Moreau '18
Salutatorian: Lily Conroy '18
Award for Excellence: Olivia Finch '22

1st Preparatory: Maddie Do
2nd Preparatory: Ava Arch
3rd Preparatory: Libby Payne
4th Preparatory: Olivia Finch
1st Academic: Caroline Evans
2nd Academic: Clare Hickham
3rd Academic: Isabella Mannino
4th Academic: Claire Moreau

1st Preparatory:
Rosalie Thomas
2nd Preparatory: Bryce Couvillon
3rd Preparatory: Lanie DeMarcay
4th Preparatory: Olivia Boyd
1st Academic: Olivia McGoey
2nd Academic: Eva Dreiling
3rd Academic: Madeline Kling
4th Academic: Alexandra Chimento

Esther Adams Centennial Scholarships:
Sophia Nawaz '22 & Katherine Wise '22
Kimberly Marie Adams Scholarship: Amélie Ettinger '22
Adams-Kalakis Scholarship for Global Education: Katie Paige Gardes '21 & Martha Falls
Dr. Timothy M. Burns Scholarship: Sophia Yarborough '19
Sister Marie Adele Bush, RSCJ Scholarship: Gigi McLeod '19
William and Jean Copeland Scholarship: Olivia Boyd '22
Goizueta Foundation Scholars: Camila Arias '19, Janisse Medina '27, Aaliyah Oro '24, Sofia Rodriguez '23, Gisele Saborio '26 & Nicole Saborio '28
Golden Cardinal Scholarship: Anna Hardie '19
Nancy Stafford Hartson Scholarship: Caroline Conner '26
Lapeyre Scholarship: Lily Tran '27
Shelby Ryan Leonhard Scholarship: Catie Anuskiewicz '22
Sister Shirley Miller, RSCJ Scholarship: Cate Martin '22
Brianna Murphy Scholarship: Mykhala Coleman '21
Sharon Ellis Murray Scholarship: Emma McFadden '19
Ana Marie Rapier Scholarship: Elise Hieger '23
A. Louis Read Scholarship: Mary Nusloch '19
Peggy D. Sarpy '63 and Margaret D. Ramsey '32 Scholarship: Caroline Evans '21
Virginia Wilson Voelker Scholarship: Pierce Gibbons '20

3rd Preparatory:
Brooke Habetz & Clare Vanderbrook
4th Preparatory: Veronica Camenzuli & Céci Curran
1st Academic: Emily LeBlanc & Olivia McGoey
2nd Academic: Eva Dreiling & Clare Hickham
3rd Academic: Zoe Faulkner & Madeline Kling

Alumnae Essay Award: Lily Conroy '18
Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Abbey Hebert '19
Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award: Bella Ciaccio '19
Mother Soniat Award: Lily Conroy '18
Sociedad Espñnola José Luis Baños Award: Kate Roemershauser '18
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Bella Ciaccio '19
Rensselaer Award: Isabella Mannino '19
Jill Keiffer Science Award: Helen Charbonnet '18
Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Julia Smith '19
Alton Ochsner Future Physician Award: Claire Moreau '18
Ray Grenier Award: Claire Moreau '18
Paul Charbonnet, Sr. Award: Marcelle Holmes '18

1st Preparatory:
Charlotte Bush
2nd Preparatory: Gracie Silva
3rd Preparatory: Anna Watson
4th Preparatory: Lillian Balart
1st Academic: Carolyn Burton
2nd Academic: Monet Ménard
3rd Academic: Gabriella Mehaffie
4th Academic, Fathers' Club Award for Outstanding Cooperation: Helen Charbonnet

1st Preparatory: Taylor Robert
2nd Preparatory: Mia Dreiling
3rd Preparatory: Eliza Woodrow
4th Preparatory, Sophie Grenier Courtesy Award: Katie Kleehammer
1st Academic: Annaliese Eiffert
2nd Academic: Wesley Warren
3rd Academic: Mary Nusloch
4th Academic: Aysha Gibson

1st Preparatory: Eileen Igoe
2nd Preparatory: Elaine Marie Ehrensing
3rd Preparatory: Martha Hammet
4th Preparatory, Margaret Brown Service Award: Laney Calhoun
1st Academic: May Manning
2nd Academic: Sophia Shahlaei
3rd Academic: Alyssa Langlois
4th Academic: Asia Jackson
Sister Rita Karam Award for Outstanding Service to the Wider Community: Sadie Taylor '18

Perfect Attendance for All 4 Academic Years: Aysha Gibson '18 & Gail Hodges Grady '18

5 Years of Service: Maja Bahat, Kristen Bendich, Frank Coco, Fran Donnelly, Sarah Dunn, Roberto Mazariegos, Katie Peck, Ashley Ruckert & Meaghan Sholtis
10 Years of Service: Helen Gerig
15 Years of Service: Julie Campo & Jasbir Jhita
20 Years of Service: Laura Brignac, Regina Head, Lynette Moody & Carrel Muller
30 Years of Service: Erin Sabludowsky
40 Years of Service: Kay Higginbotham
Rings for 10th Cross Country State Championship: Greg & Jenny Caro
Charles D. Grenier Award: Sewall Vallette

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