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Future Founders.
Your Voice Is Our Future.

Thanks to our Future Founders, Sacred Heart became one of the first high schools in the world to receive SynDaver, a synthetic human body replica used for learning. Named Synthia by our Upper School students, our new SynDaver received a warm welcome as the newest member of the Sacred Heart community.

What is Future Founders?
As a Sacred Heart alumna, your partnership and active involvement are critical to the future and viability of our school. We are excited to unveil a very special opportunity for a select group of alumnae who want to play a pivotal role in the future of the Rosary. Introducing the Rosary Alumnae Leadership Giving Circle, also called Future Founders.

Future Founders is a special and innovative way for 100 alumnae to pool their resources in a way that will fund a single, visionary capital project at our school each year. Future Founders members are invited to participate in this leadership giving circle with an annual contribution of $1,100—which is in addition to their annual giving contribution. The funds from Future Founders members will be pooled to create a capital fund of $100,000, the direction of which will be decided by the majority of this group through a voting process.

2016-2017 Future Founder Members

Society of the Sacred Heart

Peggy Adams 1969

Elizabeth Boh 1979

Harriet Booker 1984

Irene Gillen Briede 1948

Elizabeth Ehrensing Bush 1994

Julie Guste Danna 1995

Winnie Kelly Delery 1945

Beth Talbot Dienes 1979

Kay Gibbons Favrot 1953

Elizabeth Dabezies Goodyear 1981

Olivia Eustis Guider 1999

Joanie Walet Hartson 1955

Elizabeth Baldwin Hefler 1999

Jane Heidingsfelder 1995

Dot Henican Heidingsfelder 1960

Julie Jacob 1994

Susan Read Johnson 1964

Gretchen Zibilich Kane 1973

Ginger Spencer LaCour 2000

Martha McDermott Landrum 1976

Sheila Bosworth Lemann 1965

Irene Briede Lutkewitte 1969

Sheldon Lykes 1974

Ellen Heidingsfelder Manning 1987

Kay Manthey 1997

Brenda Farrell Marshall 1972

Lesley Ferrara Poché 1981

Mandy Frischhertz Romig 1997

Courtney-Anne Sarpy 1957

Molly Heidingsfelder Silvia 1985

Frances Stall Smith 1957

Kit Carrière Stumm 1972

Courtney Stumm 2001

Catherine Ellington Treuting 1995

Kathleen Favrot VanHorn 1977

Jennifer Van Vrancken 1989

Vanessa Van Vrancken 1995

Lele Hebert Wood 1972

Helen Read Young 1988

How does Future Founders work?

Early Fall, 2016
Rosary alumnae are invited to become Future Founders—there is a limit to the first 100 alumnae who accept our invitation.

October 20, 2016, Mater's Feast
Future Founders members will receive information regarding 3-4 exciting capital projects that will significantly impact Sacred Heart students, now and for future generations.

November 3, 2016
Future Founders members will be invited to a special champagne and goûter reception where presentations will be made on each of the proposed capital projects.

November 7-9, 2016
Future Founders members will vote for one capital project from the three to four presented.

Monday, November 14, 2016
An announcement about the selected project will be made to Future Founders members.

November 18, 2016, Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne
A celebration luncheon for all Future Founders members will be hosted at Commander’s Palace.

Spring 2017
A spring reception will be held at Sacred Heart to celebrate the leadership and generosity of our Future Founders; at this time, the funded capital project will be unveiled to the group (if completed), or will be reported on (if in progress).

Future Founders Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to leverage the spirit and passion of our Rosary alumnae in a tremendously impactful way, and one that will greatly assist Sacred Heart’s leadership in steering the course for a strong and vibrant future for our girls.

As an alumna who has demonstrated an interest and love for Sacred Heart, we extend this special invitation to you to join our circle of dedicated women who are committed to the sustainability and vibrancy of Sacred Heart education, now and for many years to come.

Who are the Future Founders?

Future Founders is a leadership giving circle of approximately 100 Sacred Heart alumnae who have each committed $1,100 for one year, for the purpose of making a single $100,000 transformative gift to one capital project at Sacred Heart; the extra $100 is for administrative costs.

When was the Future Founders started?

2016 is the first year of this special leadership giving circle.

Why did Sacred Heart decide to host the Future Founders leadership giving circle?

Sacred Heart wanted to harness the power and spirit of collaborative giving. Research shows that women like to give—and give together. The Future Founders giving circle presents a unique opportunity for Sacred Heart alumnae to leverage their leadership giving in order to fund a major capital project that will directly impact our current students. By connecting our alumnae with one another, Future Founders inspires them to become thoughtful philanthropists who collaborate around the mission and vision of Sacred Heart education.

Can I join Future Founders instead of making my annual giving gift?

Unfortunately, no. Sacred Heart depends on the generosity of our alumnae for the annual giving campaign each year. Your annual giving gift plays a vital role in furthering the mission of Sacred Heart education for our students, providing critical unrestricted funds that aord Sacred Heart the opportunity to do more for our girls. Whether it is making enhancements to our arts and music program, developing ACT/SAT test prep classes or increasing security on campus, your contribution to Annual Giving makes a real impact and an immediate dierence. For that reason, we ask that our Future Founders members make their annual giving gift first, before accepting our invitation to join the Future Founders Giving Circle.

How will you determine which capital projects are chosen for consideration?

The capital projects chosen for funding consideration by the Future Founders will be selected by Sacred Heart’s Head of School, in concert with Division Heads and appropriate administrators. The projects may represent a variety of areas within the school—academic, arts, athletics; all projects will have a direct impact on our current students and will be able to be started and/or completed by the following year.

Do I have to live in New Orleans in order to join Future Founders?

NO. Rosary alumnae living anywhere can join Future Founders. We will use the latest technology to broadcast the capital project presentations online, to facilitate the voting process, and to share news and photographs from all Future Founders events. An alumna who is not able to participate in person can actively participate in the entire Future Founders process. And if a member happens to be in New Orleans for any of the Future Founders festivities, she is welcome to join any or all of them.

Will I be kept apprised of the progress of the capital project selected?

YES. Future Founders members will receive quarterly updates regarding the status of the project they have selected for funding. Once the project has been completed, our Future Founders will be invited to Sacred Heart for a celebratory ribbon cutting/unveiling of the project, so that you may see the results of your generosity firsthand!

Alumnae Events

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