A Catholic, independent, college-prep school for girls, ages 1 – 12th grade.

Online Enrollment and
Re-Enrollment (2018-2019)

In an effort to make the enrollment process easier and more convenient for Sacred Heart parents, we have transitioned to an online process for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Please follow the steps below in order to complete your child’s contract: 

  1. Login in to ashrosary.myschoolapp.com using your username and password.* (Follow instructions for First-time Login button on right)
  2. Click on “Contracts to Accept”.**
  3. On the next screen, select “CONTINUE” to review your child’s contract.
  4. Review all portions of the contract by clicking “NEXT” to toggle through and complete each section in order to submit.
  5. Under the “SIGNATURES” tab, sign the designated signature box. ***
  6. Choose “DEPOSIT”
  7. Click “SUBMIT” to finalize the enrollment contract.

*Login access on our website will be enabled Fall 2018; for now, use this direct link.

**You must complete this process for each child if you have multiple children.

***Only one parent is required to sign the contract.  Please ensure that the financially responsible party signs the contract.

We're Here To Help

We are happy to assist you with this online enrolling process at ASH during the school day on the Rosary campus. Please check-in as a visitor and someone will be called to assist you on a computer.

Rosary Campus
4521 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans LA 70115
(504) 891-1943 | Fax (504) 891-9939
Mater Campus
4301 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans LA 70115
(504) 269-1230 | Fax (504) 896-7899
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